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Che Guevara Marxist Murderer (Part ONE of FIVE)







By John Suarez

___December 11th, 2008

Che Guevara’s Dubious Legacy

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_Part ONE of FIVE

“We must say here what is a known truth,

which we have always

expressed before the world:

firing squad executions,

yes, we have executed;

we are executing and we will continue

to execute as long as is necessary.

Our struggle is a struggle to the death.”
Ernesto “Che” Guevara de la Serna
UN General Assembly, 1964



Film makers have been erecting

a romantic image of Che Guevara

from the days of his youth,

as in Walter Salles‘s film

‘The Motorcycle Diaries,”

or his final days in Bolivia

in Steven Soderbergh‘s “




It is important to highlight

Guevara‘s actual message,


and legacy.

Both films are a revisionist white wash

that ignore both the atrocities committed,

his hate filled writings,

and their aftermath not

only in Cuba but in the Americas.

The image of Che Guevara

hanging in the College dorms

of student radicals in 2009 may

be cliche but his message is not.

In his

Message to the Tricontinental

Guevara argued that hatred was

something to be harnessed and used:

“Not only as an element

to struggle against injustice,”

but to be used to

perpetrate new injustices.

Guevara describes the

utilization of hatred or as he put it

“relentless hatred to impel us over

and beyond the natural limitations

of man.”

This use of hatred

to encourage the

dehumanization of

an adversary is but

another manifestation

of the doctrine found

throughout the centuries

to justify mass murder

and torture.

If hate was the solution

to all problems then the

heroes of the 20th century

would have been:






Pol Pot,

and Guevara.




Instead they are viewed in most

quarters as mass murderers and

criminals except for those who are

blinded by their “relentless hatred”

of their fellow human and/or

their political ideology.

History has demonstrated two

fundamental approaches to

change the world.

One way views hatred

of the other as an element

of the struggle in which

the ends justify whatever

means and has been the

way for the individuals

listed above.

Che Guevara was an admirer

of Mao Zedong and his

formulation of guerilla warfare

is adapted from the

Chinese leader.







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