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Che Guevara Marxist Murderer (Part FOUR of FIVE)










By John Suarez


__December 11th, 2008

Che Guevara’s Dubious Legacy


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Martin Luther King Jr.

spoke of the challenge in

November of 1960 in reference

to sit-ins organized

to protest segregation:

The sit-in demonstrations

seek to secure moral ends

through moral means.

And ever so often in history

when men seek to achieve

the splendid goals of freedom,

human dignity,

and justice they resort to

methods of violence,

such as guerilla warfare,

such as assassination,

and other methods of

bloody revolution.

We see here a crusade

without violence,

and there is no attempt

on the part of those who

engaged in sit-ins to

annihilate the opponent

but to convert him.

I submit that this method

is justifiable because

it uses moral,


and constructive means

in order to achieve

the constructive end.



Guevarahad been executed

on October 9, 1967 and just

months before his own

assassination Martin Luther King Jr.

called on his staff to combat

the romantic illusion of guerilla

warfare in the style of Che Guevara

among young radicals concluding:

We must not be intimidated

by those who are laughing

at nonviolence now.



Che Guevara argued in his

writings and speeches that

hatred is good because it,

“transforms us into effective,



and cold killing machines”


Yet Mahatma Gandhi directly

challenged this kind of thinking

when decades before Che arrived

on the political scene others

advocated the same methods

as Guevara in India arguing

with great prescience:

“It is a cowardly thought,

that of killing others.

Whom do you suppose

to free by assassination?

The millions of India

do not desire it.

Those who are intoxicated

by the wretched modern

civilization think these things.

Those who will rise to power

by murder will certainly not

make the nation happy.”


Forty years after the assassination

of Martin Luther King Jr. an

African American will take the

oath of office and become

President of the United States

in a country that

has profoundly










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