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_________LADY GAGA 2004 yearbook photo Splash News


She has shocked

the world with her

bizarre pop performances –

but she wasn’t always so GaGa,


Pete Samson

reports for the amazing

U.K. Sun March 26th, 2010.



real name


has caused a stir again with her

raunchy video to chart-topping

track Telephone.

Even by her own steamy standards,

the 23-year-old’s video with pop icon

BEYONCE is enough to make most

viewers blush.



But looking at previously unseen

snaps of an angelic young Stefani,

it is hard to imagine she would

become one of the world’s most

controversial stars.

Rather than the rough

streets of New York,

GaGa began learning her trade

at one of the city’s most exclusive

Catholic girls’ schools –

Convent Of The Sacred Heart.



She is pictured here as a

fresh-faced little girl and

sitting shyly by her piano –

a far cry from the steamy image

that has made her a pop icon.

By the age of four she

was already a keen musician.

And, in an early school yearbook,

she states her prized possession

is her piano.

Her wealthy Italian/American parents,

Joseph and Cynthia,

thought they could have a

respected pianist on their hands.

But what they

got was quite different.

By the time she left

the Manhattan convent,

the quirky, eccentric and

ambitious personality that

would take her to the top

of the charts around the globe

was beginning to emerge.



In the 2004 yearbook,

she wrote she was

“separated at birth” from

now fellow pop star


she would one day be

“headlining at Madison

Square Garden”


And In a taste

And in a taste

of things to come,

she added her pet hate is

“ordinary people”.



GaGa has since revealed she

felt out of place in such

conservative surroundings.

On the school’s website,
it states:
“Convent Of The Sacred Heart
combines an outstanding academic
experience with an environment
that nurtures the heart,
mind and spirit of its young women.”

But what followed for GaGa

is certainly not what is expected

of demure Sacred Heart graduates.



After leaving the Catholic school

she started at New York University

on a music course –

but soon dropped out.

She then became embroiled

in cocaine and made cash by

stripping as she tried to launch

her pop career.

She was signed by top

label Def Jam Recordings –

but dropped three months later.

And GaGa has revealed:

“I was working in strip clubs at 18.

Girls from my background weren’t

meant to turn into someone like me.

I come from a wealthy Italian family,

went to a good school.

“You’re meant to live with

Mum and Dad until they die.

I went against all I

was brought up to be.

“I moved out,

wouldn’t take any help from

my parents and supported myself

with waitressing and stripping.”



GaGa has admitted

hitting rock bottom,

spending nights taking cocaine

alone in her New York flat.

But she was saved by her father –

and her ruthless ambition to make

it in show business.

She revealed:

“My father is a really powerful man,

a telecom guy.

“So he looked at me

one day and said,

‘You’re f***ing up, kid’.

And I looked at him and thought,

‘How does he know that

I’m high right now?’

“And he never said

a word about the drugs,

not one word.

“But he said,

‘I just want to tell you that

anyone you meet while

you’re like this,

and any friend that you

make in the future while

you are with this thing,

you will lose’.

And we never

talked about it again.”



Having cleaned up,

GaGa stepped up her work

with producer Rob Fusari.

Rob –

who would later co-produce

debut album The Fame,

which won two Grammys and a Brit –

loved her vocals that sounded

like “a female Freddie Mercury”.

The pair also began

dating but the relationship

turned sour.

Rob recently launched a

£20million lawsuit claiming

he has been cut out financially

despite helping to create GaGa’s

trademark style –

and even her name.


He claims that after he made

He claims that after he made

QUEEN’s track Radio Ga Ga

her theme tune,

Lady GaGa was born.




Before the legal battle,

Rob revealed:

“Every day when Stef came to

the studio, instead of saying hello,

I would start singing Radio Ga Ga.

That was her entrance song.

“Lady GaGa was actually a glitch.

I typed Radio Ga Ga in a text and

it did an autocorrect and radio

got changed to lady.

“She texted me back:

‘That’s it.

Don’t ever call me Stefani again.’

After that day she was Lady GaGa.”

And don’t we know it.



Since hitting the big time,

the singer has been inescapable

and her wacky outfits,

dreamt up with

creative director

Matthew Williams,

have caught the

public’s imagination.

Famous looks have included

a red rubber Elizabethan-style

frock to meet the Queen at last

year’s Royal Variety Performance.

On other occasions she has turned

heads in revealing red and black lace

creations and a black studded get-up,

complete with face mask.

Most recently she’s been seen

out with barmy “telephone”

hairstyles to promote

her latest video.

Her clothes are as much

a part of the brand as her music.

She has said:

“I don’t have the same

priorities as other people.

I like doing this all the time.

“The psychotic woman that

I truly am comes out when

I’m not working.

When I’m not working,

I go crazy.”









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Paparazzi and Telephone
_watch both in order see
_._the whole story as one
__._______RED HOT

Lady Gaga : Official Site –






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