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“Avatar” director James Cameron PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE debate Glenn Beck!



James Cameron
Glenn Beck
By Alex Ben Block
____March 24th, 2010

The Hollywood Reporter

“Avatar” director James Cameron

lashed out at Glenn Beck at a news
conference Tuesday,
offering to debate the Fox News
personality on environmental
and political issues.

Asked what he thought about

Beck during a junket appearance
in support of the “Avatar” home
video release,
Cameron said:
“Glenn Beck is
a fucking asshole.

I’ve met him.
He called me the anti-Christ,
and not about ‘Avatar.’

He hadn’t even seen ‘Avatar’ yet.

I don’t know if he has seen it.”

Cameron was apparently referring

to Beck’s reaction to his 2007
“The Lost Tomb of Jesus,”
which casts doubt on the resurrection
of Jesus Christ and makes the case
that the ancient
“Tomb of the Ten Ossuaries”
belonged to Jesus‘ family.

After blasting Beck,

surrounded by journalists inside
a West Hollywood hillside mansion,
seemed to reconsider:
“I think,
you know what,
he may or may
not be an asshole,
but he certainly
is dangerous,
and I’d love to have
a dialogue with him.”

What makes Beck dangerous,
THR asked Cameron at the junket.

“He’s dangerous because

his ideas are poisonous,”
Cameron answered.

“I couldn’t believe
when he was on CNN.
I thought,
what happened to CNN?

Who is this guy?
Who is this madman?

And then of course he
wound up on Fox News,
which is where he belongs,
I guess.”

Asked by THR if he felt the right

wing’s attacks against him were
Cameron replied:

“They’re not attacks.
They’re just people
ranting away,
lost in their little bubbles
of reality,
steeped in their own hatred,
their own fear and hatred.

That’s where it
all comes from.
Let’s just call it out.
Let’s have a
public discussion.

That’s what movies
are supposed to do,
you know,
you can have a mindless
entertainment film that
doesn’t affect anybody.
I wasn’t interested in that.”

The “Avatar” director was equally

unsparing in his comments about
those who don’t accept
global warming as fact.

“That’s right,”

Cameron said.
“I want to call those
deniers out into the
street at high noon
and shoot it out with
those boneheads.”

Turning more serious,
he added:
“Anybody that is a
global warming denier
at this point in time has
got their head so deeply
up their ass I’m not sure
they could hear me.”

By making the environment the

theme of his home video release plan,
Cameron is sending a message.

at this point I’m less
interested in making money
for the movie and more
interested in saving the world
that my children are going
to inhabit.

How about that?
I mean,
I didn’t make this movie with
these strong environmental
anti-war themes in it to make
friends on the right,
you know.

“They’re not on my
Christmas card list,”
Cameron added.

“It’s not going to change
my lifestyle at all if they
don’t talk to me.

But, you know,
they’ve got to live
in this world,

And their children
do as well,
so they’re going to have
to be answerable to this
at some point.”

Fox had gathered nearly 100
journalists from around the world
for a press junket that included a
screening of four vivid video clips
from the movie to show the quality
of the conversion.

Cameron and “Avatar” producer

Jon Landau opened the program
by pledging an environmental theme
to the release of “Avatar” into the
home video market.

The video release of “Avatar”
is now set for April 22,
which is not insignificantly
Earth Day,
as Beck is likely to notice.

While still working for CNN,
Beck teed up an on-air interview
with Cameron regarding “Tomb”
with the following comment,
“Many people believe
James Cameron officially
has tossed his hat in the
ring today and is officially
running for anti-Christ.”


Dear Global Warming
Bonehead Idiot Cameron,
debate Glenn Beck!

And for your information,
the first “Earth Day” was
founded to fight
“Global Cooling”,
also known at
the time as the
“Coming Ice Age”.

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