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Kill the Evil Bill!




Barack Obama and
Nancy Pelosi are pulling
out all the stops to shove
the healthcare bill down

the throats of the
American people.

Rules do not matter.

The wishes of the
people do not matter.

The American Constitution
does not matter.

This pig in a poke bill violates
Article 1, Section 7 of
the Constitution,
but to Obama and Pelosi,
it does not matter.

What is even in the bill?

Nancy Pelosi says people
have to vote yes on it
to find out.

American freedom has not
been in this much danger
since World War II.

Thank You for nothing,
Mainstream Media,
for not alerting the people
how dangerous this bill is.

All true Americans fight
now while you still have
a chance to kill this bill.

Time is so very short.




Dictator Obama and the
“power at any cost” Democrats
will be forcing the “Screw America”
bill through Congress any day now.

The Party who controls so called
“Health Care” will be able to tell you
what doctors you may see and when.

The Party will tell you
how much you can weigh.

The Party will have access
to your health records.

The Party will tell you if you
are allowed to engage in sports
they consider dangerous –
because it involves your health.

The Party will be ruling your life
under the guise of “Health Care”.

The Party will tell you how to live,
and The Party will determine
when it is time for you to get that
life saving operation,
if you are allowed to
get that operation.

The Party will tell you when
it is time for you to just die,
in other words.

The Party will rule all.

The Party will be
the fascist Democrats,
and no other party can ever win
an election against them again,
because your life will depend
on The Party allowing
you your drugs,
your operations,
how you live your life
and how long you will be
allowed to live when someday
you need lifesaving medical care.

Dictator Obama and the Democrats
are willing to lose House and Senate
seats in the short term because
they know in the long term
controlling Health Care will give
them control of American’s lives.

America will become a
nation ruled by one party,
The Party,
which can never be
voted out again.

The Party who controls health
care will control your foods,
your water,
your activities.

Why do you think Obama
and the Democrats would
commit political suicide by
forcing a massive health care
bill onto a nation that
does not want it?

Because The Party knows
that in the long run they will
have total control and thus
The Party can never be voted
out of office again.

Obama does not need a second
term as President to do this.

Hillary can run and be the next
Saul Alinsky loving President,
then she simply appoint Obama
to the Supreme Court for his
lifetime appointment.

After her eight years,
the next Democrat President
appoints her to the highest court
in the land for her lifetime


America is undergoing a
revolution in front of our eyes,
and The Party no longer listens
to the will of the people.

The mainstream media
and the labor unions are
only too happy to help the
revolution succeed.

Only the hand of GOD can
save America’s freedom now.

___Rash Manly







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