You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Lady GaGa/Beyonce uncensored video “Telephone” scorching mini movie!


Watch both in order
to see the mini-movie
____GREEN link below
GREEN link below –




is taking the wrap

for her shocking

new video –

after TV channels

refused to air the clip,


Jess Rogers

reports for the

amazing U.K. Sun

March 13th, 2010.





















The outrageous singer,


appears in crime scene tape –

and nothing else –

in the promo for single


featuring Beyonce.



MTV has not played the

nine-minute video due to

the raunchy content.



But it launched online yesterday

morning and by last night had

1.5million hits –

despite censors’ hang-ups.



Directed by Jonas Åkerlund,

who also helmed the singer’s

Paparazzi video,

the nine-and-a-half-minute

extravaganza begins with two

bra-flashing guards escorting

GaGa to her prison cell,

as an audience of incarcerated

girls looks on seductively.



Once she reaches her destination,

the officials strip the New Yorker

to her pants,

prompting one to say:

“I told you she

didn’t have a d***,”

referring to rumours that

GaGa was born

a hermaphrodite.




GaGa is bailed out of the clink –

courtesy of her partner

in murderous crime,




The wacky blonde

rides off with her pal,

but not before JAY-Z‘s

missus gives her accomplice

a ticking off:

“You’ve been a very bad girl.

“A very,



bad girl,




In a later scene,

Beyonce flashes her boobs

at a fella in a diner before

spiking his drink with poison

while the unsuspecting chap –

who committed the cardinal

sin of eating all of her honey –

has his back turned.



After he collapses

dead on the table,

a ruthless Beyonce

tells his corpse:

“I knew you’d take

all of my honey,

you selfish motherf*****.”



The saucy singers then reunite,

nailing some eye-watering

dance moves in skimpy

Stars & Stripes gear.



At the end,

the deadly duo drive

off in their ‘Pussy Wagon’ –

loaned out by Kill Bill director


as police appeal for

their whereabouts.








-_Lady GaGa video links
Paparazzi and Telephone
_watch both in order see
_._the whole story as one
__._______RED HOT

___“You have been

___a bad GaGa!”


16 Responses to “Lady GaGa/Beyonce uncensored video “Telephone” scorching mini movie!”

  1. Thank You for the kinds words
    and for posting the cool link
    Only Words To Play With!

    GaGa is the greatest!


  2. wheres the uncensored part video?

  3. Dear GaGa Lover,
    click on the green link
    at the bottom of this story-
    it will take you to the
    U.K. Sun page and the GaGa story.

    The link to her uncensored
    “Telephone” video is on
    that story.


  4. What’s uncensored in that video?

  5. Boring. Seriously and utterly boring.

  6. Without a doubt,
    this was one of the coolest
    videos i’ve ever seen.

    I can’t wait for the next part!

    (if there is one,
    which I hope there will be!)

    By the way,
    that was probably the coolest way
    I’ve ever seen a rumor killed!

  7. I agree with
    you said Ryan!

    make a full length movie
    based on this –
    it would be awesome!

    Great comment
    about the rumor killing also!


  8. DEFINATLY the best way to kill a rumor.
    I love that way she handled that.
    Long Live Gaga ❤

    Fame Monster FOREVER.


  9. The song is pretty stupid. She is just selling sex along with her music. The song is plain boring and stupid. I would rather watch a porno then see that. Porno has better music too.

  10. Great photos.
    The video was great.
    I love them both.

  11. Thank You so much
    for the kind words.

    I do some tricks
    with photos that
    take forever but the
    effects are stunning
    but never predictable.

    I’m listening to Lady GaGa
    The Fame Monster
    right now
    on headphones as you’re
    comment came in.

    ‘Bad Romance’ is playing –
    is GaGa the greatest or what!!!

    Thank You for reading 22MOON.


  12. Thanks designed for sharing such a good opinion, paragraph is nice, thats why i have
    read it entirely

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