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Snoop Dogg no longer banned in Britain – Doctor Michael Savage still banned in Britain



Snoop Dogg
has won a legal battle
to gain entry to the UK –
three years after government
officials banned him from
the country,
World Entertainment News
reports March 4th, 2010.

The hip-hop star,
real name Calvin Broadus,
incurred the wrath of immigration
officials in 2006 when he was
arrested following a fracas at
London’s Heathrow Airport.

The following year,
he was denied entry into the country,
with authorities arguing his previous
convictions for drugs and firearms
offences made him a threat.
Broadus battled against the ruling,
launching a legal challenge and
urging stars including David
Beckham and Sir Paul McCartney
to help get the ban overturned.

It was lifted in 2008,
but government officials took
the case to the Court of Appeal,
where it was decided the judge
who reversed the ruling may
have “misinterpreted the test
of exclusion”.

Broadus refused to give up
and the case went to an Asylum
and Immigration Tribunal on Friday,
with the star’s lawyers urging
officials to take into consideration
his work as a high-school football
coach and appearances on
family-friendly TV shows including
The View and his Father Hood
reality series.

And The Drop It Like It’s Hot
hitmaker was finally successful –
two senior immigration judges
decided border authorities were
wrong to deny the star entry.

The ruling was released to both
parties on Monday and has paved
the way for Broadus to return
to Britain.
.-The story
behind the story!

Snoop Dogg is no longer
banned from entering the
United Kingdom
he has been forgiven for
his gun and drug violations.
Doctor Michael Savage
is still banned from entering
the United Kingdom for the
crime of practicing his
Freedom of Speech rights.











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