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Global Search For Al Gore Continues (Part ONE of TWO)




You Can Call

Him Al…

but He Won’t

Call You Back

By Gene J. Koprowski

____February 26th, 2010


You Can Call Him Al …

_._Part ONE of TWO


Al Gore won a Nobel Prize

and an Oscar for his film,

An Inconvenient Truth.

But in the last three months,

as global warming has gone

from a scientific near-certitude

to the subject of satire,


the public face

of global warming

has been silent on the topic.

The former vice president

apparently finds it inconvenient

even to answer calls to testify

before the U.S. Senate.

You can call him Al . . .

but he won’t call back.

On Tuesday,

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe —

a prominent skeptic of global

warming theory and the

Republican leader of the

Senate’s Environment and

Public Works Committee

issued a request for Gore to

come testify on global warming.

In an interview with


Inhofe said he wants Gore

to appear because

“it will be interesting to ask

him on what science he

based his movie,”

a film the senator considers

“science fiction.”



Gore has yet to respond,

but that didn’t prevent him

from causing a stir at Apple’s

shareholder meeting Thursday.

According to CNET,

Gore was seated in the first

row while several stockholders

bashed his high-profile views

on climate change.

One reportedly said Gore

“has become a laughingstock.

The glaciers have not melted.”

Gore did not reply,

and he has not commented

on his blog or Twitter feed.

Inhofe says he hopes Gore

will address the recent

Climate-gate scandals that

have besmirched the science,

scientists and politicians

who back the theory of

manmade climate change.

Last fall,

news outlets in the United

Kingdom exposed a scandal

in which leading global warming

scientists conspired in e-mails

to hide data that contradicted

“proof” of manmade

global warming.




Then the world’s leaders failed

to reach a deal on climate

change policy in Copenhagen.

And the U.N.’s climate change

research body admitted flaws

in its report that concluded

that the Himalayan glaciers

were melting,

the Arctic ice cap was

fading away,

and the Amazon rainforest

was in imminent danger.

Since his appearance at

the Copenhagen climate

summit in December,

Gore has been reluctant

to talk to the media,

making only a handful

of public appearances.

On Jan. 16,

he spoke at the American

Library Association conference

at the Boston Convention

& Exhibition Center,

and he signed copies

of his newest book,

Our Choice:

How We Can Solve

the Climate Crisis.

On Feb. 22,

at the IBM Pulse

Conference in Las Vegas,

Gore commented on how

the environment was a

fantastic business opportunity.

“We are in the presence of one

of the greatest opportunities

in the history of business to

become much more efficient

and eliminate waste,

pollution and losses all

at the same time,”

he said.

The media,


have started to ask why the

world’s most famous advocate

of all things green remains

mute on the growing chorus

of opposition.



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