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Irish Man Evicted For His Love Of Cheryl Cole!




Man evicted

for repeatedly

playing Cheryl

Cole songs


____February 25th, 2010


Belefast Telegraph



Man evicted for playing Cheryl Cole



A man has been handed

an eviction notice after

repeatedly blasting out

songs by Girls Aloud star

Cheryl Cole on his stereo,

a council has said.



Martin Bramwell (22)

was ordered to leave his

first-floor council flat after

he tormented neighbours

in Ladybrook Lane,



by playing the 26-year-old

singer’s hits until 4am.



Mansfield District Council

said the eviction notice,

which was served at the

town’s County Court,

came after one neighbour

had to stay with a friend

because the noise was

so unbearable.




Councillor Danny McCrossan,

in charge of public protection

at the authority,


“Justice has been done.

No-one should have to

face this type of

anti-social behaviour.”


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