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Ashley Cole Out Of Control! (Part TWO of THREE)



_“I Can’t lose
_my wife over
__._If I do,
._I don’t want
_.__to live”

By Carol Aye Maung

News Of The World


___-__Part TWO of THREE

The party eventually moved to

The War Room club where Ashley

and Ann continued to get close.

She said:

“Ashley wanted me

to sit next to him,

hold hands and

sit on his lap.”



“At one point someone

spilled beer on the floor

and it splashed up with

all the dirt on to my leg.

Ashley immediately grabbed

it and licked the mess off.

That really grossed me out.”

Shortly before midnight, the

party was abruptly cut short

by the Chelsea curfew,

which meant all players had

to be back in their hotel rooms

by 12.

But Ashley was determined

to take Ann with him.

She told us:

“I was starting to have fun

when the team driver came

in the club and told the

players to pay their tabs

so they could head back.

“Ashley immediately started

begging me to return to the

hotel with him.

He said despite the curfew

he was still allowed guests

in his room.

“At first I told him,

‘Just because YOU have

to go don’t ruin MY fun.

Maybe I’ll come later.’

“But he begged so much

I eventually agreed to go

with him,

along with our friends.

But when we got outside,

there was no room in the

Chelsea van because some

really trashy-looking blondes

had already climbed inside.

I’d no idea where

they appeared from.

“I said something snotty

and joked they were taking

our seats and,

quick as a flash,

Ashley kicked them out!

“Back in his suite he

immediately lit up a

cigarette and started


I was shocked that he

was a sports star and

smoking so heavily.”



“There was an ashtray full

of butts and the room was

really messy and smoky.

“At first two other players

and my friends were in

the room too,

but they very quickly left.

So by about 1am Ashley

and I were alone,

just lying on the top of

the bedcovers and chatting.

“Ashley was begging me

to stay and, as I was having

a good time,

I thought I might as well.

He kept telling me,

‘Just stay and sleep.’

So that was the pretence

that I stayed under.

I’d just sleep and leave

in the morning.

But almost immediately after

that we started fooling around.”



“When I raised the issue

of a condom Ashley acted

like he was really shocked.

He told me he couldn’t

believe I’d asked.

He said having a condom

would suggest he was

banking on sex.”



“So we carried on

like that for a bit,

him trying it on and

me stopping him,

But, in the end, we did

have unprotected sex.



It’s the only thing about the

evening that I’m ashamed


“Next morning I was up

first and immediately felt


But Ashley was just the

same as the previous night

and wanted to fool around.

So we had sex again.

“He had a full

itinerary but said,

‘Why don’t you stay

here all day.

You can have a bath,

order room service

and wait for me.’

“Twice he asked if he

could see me again that night.

I told him I had to go home

during the day so he asked

for my phone number

and stressed,

‘You are coming back,


“At one point he asked

if I wanted him to get

someone from Chelsea

to take me out of the hotel

the back way,

in case I was seen.

I thought that was terrible.”

But Ann got a bigger shock

when she arrived home and

checked out her new lover

on the internet.

She recalled:

“I discovered he

was married –

and had cheated before,”

she said.

“I couldn’t believe it.

I was so stunned

I was hyperventilating.”




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