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Ashley Cole Out Of Control! (Part ONE of THREE)




_“I Can’t lose
_my wife over
__._If I do,
._I don’t want
_.__to live”

By Carol Aye Maung
News Of The World


___-__Part ONE of THREE



Ashley Cole sobbed down

the phone to his American

one-night stand as he

suddenly realised their

secret fling was in danger

of being exposed.



Desperate to hide the affair from

long-suffering wife Cheryl he rang

lover Ann Corbitt in a panic again

and again,

begging her to stay quiet about

their wild four hours of sex in

a Seattle hotel room.

In tears,

the Chelsea and England star pleaded:

“I can’t lose my wife over this.

If I lose my wife,

I don’t want to live.”

Speaking for the first

time about the scandal,


a 28-year-old local government worker,

last night told the News of the World

she only discovered Cole was married

after they slept together.

She revealed:

“When he rang me and

cried I asked him,

‘What’s wrong with you?

Why do you cheat?

Why did you have sex with

me behind your wife’s back?’

“But he just replied

that he didn’t know.

He admitted he’d cheated

on her before and been

exposed in the press.

He was most vehement

that I was the first person

he’d cheated with. . .

since the last time

he got caught!

I think he’s got a problem.”


Heartbroken pop star and

X Factor judge Cheryl will

be devastated by details of her

philandering hubby’s latest betrayal.

In a sensational interview,

Ann detailed how Cole:




  • TEXTED her an explicit photo
  • of himself in white pants –
  • a sleazy tactic he’s used before.

  • SNEAKED her into the
  • official Chelsea tour hotel
  • on the TEAM BUS.

  • CAJOLED her
  • into unprotected sex.

  • HASSLED in vain for a
  • SECOND night of passion.

Cole seduced Ann while he was

on a pre-season US tour with

Chelsea last July.



“All in all,

the sex lasted three

or four hours,”

she told us.

“I was very taken aback

by how intimate he was

and how needy he was.

“It was like having sex

with a boyfriend,

someone who loves you.

Ashley took my clothes

off and was incredibly


“He was a creative and

adventurous lover.

At the end he was

satisfied and so was I.

He was aiming to please,

not just out to satisfy himself.

“When we went to sleep,

he wanted to snuggle

up close.

I don’t like sleeping like

that and he made me too hot.

“But even when I moved

to the other side of the bed

Ashley still wanted to hold

hands and have that contact.

And that was sweet.”


Ann had been introduced

to Cole on Friday July 17

by a friend whose partner

is a former British football

official and already knew Cole.

They all met up at Seattle’s

Four Seasons Hotel ahead of

Chelsea’s Saturday game

against the Seattle Sounders.

Almost from the start Ashley

was captivated by Ann.

But she was far from impressed.


who works for local politician

Tom Rasmussen,


“Ashley was small and

slight like a little bird,

but he was very polite

and seemed fun.

“The whole time we

were talking he was

slumped down in his seat,

wearing jogging pants and

looking totally out of place

in the grand surroundings

of the hotel.

I really didn’t pay

him much attention.

“When he started a

conversation about being

famous and claiming he

was ‘hounded by the press’

I remember thinking,

‘You’re no Brad Pitt!’

“I told him straight,

‘Oh, come on!

If you’re going

to be famous,

you’ve got to court

the press!’

And with that we

started sparring back

and forth.

“But instead of being

annoyed with me,

Ashley was impressed.

He even whispered under

his breath to our mutual friend,

‘Hmm, she’s witty!’

So there was a spark from

the start and I started noticing

how much attention he was

paying to me.

“When I mentioned that I

was throwing a baby shower

for my friend and couldn’t

come to watch him play

next day,

he wouldn’t accept that.

He kept telling me,

‘You’ve GOT to come!

You’ve GOT to!’ “

On the way home with her friends

Ann discovered just HOW keen

Ashley was on her.

“The guy in our group

was texting back and forth

to someone and giggling

like a girl,” she said.

“When I asked who

he was messaging,

he replied, ‘Ash.’

Then he showed me a

photo Ashley had sent

him to show me.

It was a picture he’d taken of

himself wearing a disgusting

pair of tiny whities – briefs.

“He looked really skinny

and was smoking a cigarette.

I thought it was really gross.

Just nasty.”


Ann had no idea this was a trademark

part of Cole‘s technique in pulling

women behind Cheryl‘s back.

It worked a treat on soccer club

secretary Vicki Gough,

who was last week revealed as

yet another conquest.

Ann added:

“My friend told me,

‘Ashley wants you to

send a picture back.’

So I made an ugly face

and stuck fingers up either

side of my head like

devil horns –

not a flirtatious picture at all.

“When Ashley texted back

asking us to come back to

the hotel my friend immediately

sensed something wasn’t quite

right and said,

‘Hell, no!’

I was happy to go home.”

Next day Chelsea beat the local

side 2-0 and in the evening Cole

was out with the other players.

Ann met them at the Amber lounge

bar and Cole made a beeline for her.

She said:

“As soon as he saw me,

he called out,

‘There she is,

the little devil!’

referring to my picture,

and rushed over excitedly.

“From that moment he

attached himself to my side

like a little puppy.

Wherever I went,

he followed.

It never crossed my mind

he might be married.

I didn’t think that someone

would be so full-on and

publicly affectionate with

me if he was attached.

Ashley was openly

cuddling and kissing me.

“When he told me,

‘I fancy you,

you’re really beautiful’

I just laughed it off

and joked, ‘Neat!’ “





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