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Ashley Cole Out Of Control! (Part THREE of THREE)



_“I Can’t lose
_my wife over
__._If I do,
._I don’t want
_.__to live”

By Carol Aye Maung

News Of The World


_____Part THREE of THREE

In fact Ann is the FOURTH girl

caught up in the Cole scandals.

He was exposed in 2008 for

bedding hairdresser Aimee Walton.

Last week it was revealed X-rated

pictures of him were sent from his

mobile to model Sonia Wild.




Then the white pants seduction

that led to him bedding secretary

Vicki came to light.

“After finding out the

truth I’d no intention of

meeting up with Ashley

again,” said Ann.

Next day,

instead of confronting

the sports star over his deceit,

confused Ann sent a text asking

HIM to keep their

one-night stand quiet.



“It all now seemed

a huge mistake and

I just wanted to

forget about it,”

she said.

“I messaged something like,

‘Great to meet you but can

we keep a lid on this please?’

Ashley called straight back.

He said he was at the airport.

He was laughing and said,

‘Wow, no girl has ever said

that to me before!'”



Cole then followed up

with a text saying:

“Your so cute,

thank you for a lovely time.


I will not say a word. x.”

But by Wednesday July 22 Cole

was the one in a panic,

when rumours of

the fling surfaced.

He repeatedly called Ann.

“Ashley started ringing

me all hours,” she said.

“It got really annoying.

He’d get distraught and

start mumbling and crying

how he didn’t want

to lose his wife.

“Half hour on

he’d call again.

And then again 15

minutes later.

“That went on the whole

time he was in the US.

“After Chelsea went home

I never heard directly from

him again.

“But the mess he’s in

is all his own fault.

He’s behaved like a jerk.”.




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