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Cheryl Cole is dumping Love Rat Ashley Cole





Cheryl Cole


returned home from

LA yesterday –

before officially

announcing her

separation from


hubby Ashley,


Sean Hamilton,

Alex Peake, and

Alex West report for

the amazing U.K. Sun

February 23rd, 2010.


Cheryl agonised over whether

to dump rat husband Ashley

before finally deciding he is

not worth keeping.



Her 21-word statement

signaling the end of the

marriage was curt and unloving.

And its tone was a stark contrast

to beaming Cheryl‘s TV ad for

L’Oreal’s Elvive hair restorer

which she ends chirpily with the

cosmetics company’s catchphrase:

“Because we’re worth it.”



But ironically, given

Cole’s links to FIVE girls,

she precedes the sign-off

by saying:

“Five problems – one solution.”

Cheryl, 26,

formally announced she was

separating from 29-year-old

Cole soon after returning to

Britain from Los Angeles.

She arrived at the couple’s

home in the back of a swish

Mercedes a few hours after

serial love cheat Cole packed

his bags and quit

the Surrey spread.

The crocked Chelsea and

England defender hid to avoid

being pictured as he was driven

to Farnborough airport,



__________SONIA WILD


He was put on a private

jet to Europe,

where his broken ankle will

be treated at a specialist

rehabilitation centre.

The Girls Aloud beauty‘s

statement on Twitter said


“Cheryl Cole is separating

from her husband Ashley Cole.

“Cheryl asks the media to

respect her privacy during

this difficult time.”



She originally planned to go

public with her thoughts straight

after performing at last week’s

Brit awards.

But then she decided to fly

to LA to clear her mind and

get a different perspective

before making a decision.

As The Sun disclosed more

revelations about Cole‘s


Cheryl discussed her problems

at length with pal Derek Hough,

24 –

the handsome dancer to whom

she has grown increasingly close.



On Monday she cancelled a

flight home and decided to

stay over in LA so she could

continue talking to him.

The popular X Factor judge‘s

mind was firmly made up by

the time she landed at Heathrow.



And a divorce is now

almost certainly on the cards.

Last night friends said Cheryl

issued the statement to make

it crystal clear she had left Cole.

One pal explained:

“Cheryl still has extremely

strong feelings for Ashley

despite being let down,

angry and hurt.

So she decided to just

issue a short statement

that they have split up.

“It is permanent –

make no mistake about that.

But to soften the blow to

Ashley she has allowed the

slight possibility that one day –

perhaps in six months time –

she will hear what he has to say.


it is more than likely she will

press on and seek a divorce.”



Legal experts said it could

go through within three

months if both parties want

a clean break and can agree

how to split their assets.

That would be before

the World Cup, in which

Cole is due to play for England.

Cheryl is entitled to half

the couple’s fortune despite

being the lower earner of

the two so far.

Cole is worth £14million

and pockets £6million a year

made up of £4,260,000 from

Chelsea plus lucrative income

from an adidas boot deal and

his firm Kenzie.

Cheryl has made more than

£5million as a member of

Girls Aloud.



And her earning

power is soaring.

She also now rakes in

£6million a year,

including £1.2million

from the X Factor,

£500,000 as French firm

L’Oreal’s UK

celeb and other ad deals

with KitKat and Coke Zero.

A divorce will mean

decisions over who gets

their £6million home –

and pet chihuahuas

Buster and Coco.






When Buster was asked

what he thought Cheryl

should do to Ashley his

non-verbal reply was –






_Cheryl Cole



_Cheryl Cole










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