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22moon.com covers the stories The Mainstream Media has Black Listed!




The Mainstream
Media Black List

By Rash Manly

Remember reading about
the Hollywood Black List
that existed in the 1950’s?

Actors and writers in
Hollywood who were thought
to be Communists were placed
on the dreaded “Black List”
and they could never again
work openly in Hollywood.

Files released decades later
by the Russian KGB revealed
that many of those on the Black
List actually were Commies,
but I am not writing
about that.

Nor am I writing about the
modern day Hollywood Black List
the list filled with names of
people who are not politically
correct Leftists and/or
are not “Green” enough.

I am talking about the
Mainstream Media Black List.

The Media Black List names
both people and things that
are Off Limits for
the Mainstream Media.

Things that the entire staff
(me) of 22moon.com enjoy
writing about and/or exposing
the great writing of others
in large print with mind
blowing photos to make the
complex more understandable
to the masses.

The top of the person list
is Doctor Michael Savage.

Doctor Savage has four
best selling books in a row
and a massive radio
listening audience.

Does the Mainstream Media
mention Doctor Savage?

Does Fox News
mention Doctor Savage?

Michael is so black listed
even Rush Limbaugh,
Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity
pretend he does not exist.

What are these media
mavens afraid of?

A few of the stories black
listed by the Mainstream Media
are the false Swine Flu/H1N1
Pandemic that never was.

Another story is that AIDS
may not actually exist.

A third story that Limbaugh,
Beck and Hannity actually
do cover is the Climate Change
/Global warming Myth.

No mentions of
the dangers of Aspartame
in soft drinks and diet sodas.

Why do “The Kardashians”
have a popular television show?
(Kim’s body)

Why are some stories
“Off Limits” and others
are not?

How can I uncover these
stories single handed with
one computer,
no budget,
no advertising money
and one curious brain?

Who is getting paid off
(most of the media)
and by who
(Big Pharma among others)?

And where is my fat check
to keep quiet each month?

Is it lost in the mail?

Keep ignoring me
Mainstream Media.

I will continue to do
the job you refuse to do,
for no money.

That is just the kind of
handsome modest Hero
I am.

I would rather be on a
Black List with Doctor Savage
than on the couch of “The View”
leering at Hasselbeck’s tight
sculpted body any time.

I would rather help save
America from the Commie
save the teenagers from
Aspartame colas and unsafe
energy drinks,
and save my own life by
not cheating on My Wife.

I would just blow the bribe
money on something stupid
like making a decent Zombie
movie for a change or bribing
Rob Zombie to quit ruining
horror classics with his
stinking remakes.

Keep your bribe checks,
I have morals
(somewhat low,
but morals all the same).

Only a free America would
let me rant to 1000’s of
people a month,
and I vow to keep
it that way!

If you want my website
you will have to pry it
from my cold dead fingers.

(Unless I become a zombie)
in which case you will have
to pry it from my
cold dead fingers,
D*** It to heck!

___Hands OFF My
USA Pinko-Commies!

___Rash Manly



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