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Climate Change/Global Warming Myth Investigation Will No Doubt Be Blocked by Obama and Democrats (Part TWO of THREE)





Meets the Law:

Senator Inhofe

to Ask for DOJ


By Charlie Martin

____February 23rd, 2010

Pajamas Media


Climategate Meets the Law


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_–..Part TWO of THREE


Since the Climategate

files were released,

the IPCC has been forced to retract

a number of specific conclusions —

such as a prediction that Himalayan

glaciers would disappear by 2035

and has been forced to confirm that

the report was based in large part

on reports from environmental

activist groups instead of

peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Dr. Murari Lal,

an editor of the IPCC AR4 report,

admitted to the London Daily Mail

that he had known the 2035 date

was false, but was included in

the report anyway

“purely to put political

pressure on world leaders.”

Based on this minority staff report,

Senator Inhofe will be calling for

an investigation into potential

research misconduct and possible

criminal acts by the researchers


At the same time,

Inhofe will ask the Environmental

Protection Agency to reopen its

consideration of an Endangerment

Finding for carbon dioxide as a

pollutant under the

Federal Clean Air Act,

and will ask Congress to

withdraw funding for further

consideration of carbon dioxide

as a pollutant.



In requesting that the EPA

reopen the Endangerment Finding,

Inhofe joins with firms such as the

Peabody Energy Company

and several state Attorneys General

(such as Texas and Virginia)

in objecting to the Obama

administration’s attempt to

extend regulatory control over

carbon dioxide emissions in

the United States.

Senator Inhofe believes this

staff report “strengthens the case”

for the Texas and Virginia

attorneys general.

Senator Inhofe’s announcement

today appears to be the first time

a member of Congress has formally

called for an investigation into research

misconduct and potential criminal

acts by the scientists involved.

The staff report describes

four major issues revealed

by the Climategate files

and the subsequent revelations:

  1. The emails suggest some
  2. climate scientists were
  3. cooperating to obstruct
  4. the release of damaging
  5. information and
  6. counter-evidence.

  7. They suggest scientists
  8. were manipulating the
  9. data to reach
  10. predetermined conclusions.

  11. They show some climate
  12. scientists colluding to
  13. pressure journal editors
  14. not to publish work
  15. questioning the
  16. “consensus.”

  17. They show that scientists
  18. involved in the report were assuming the role of climate
  19. activists attempting to
  20. influence public opinion
  21. while claiming scientific
  22. objectivity.




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