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Climate Change/Global Warming Myth Investigation Will No Doubt Be Blocked by Obama and Democrats (Part ONE of THREE)





Meets the Law:

Senator Inhofe

to Ask for DOJ


By Charlie Martin

____February 23rd, 2010

Pajamas Media


Climategate Meets the Law


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_–..Part ONE of THREE



Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) today

asked the Obama administration

to investigate what he called

“the greatest scientific

scandal of our generation” —

the actions of climate scientists

revealed by the Climategate files,

and the subsequent admissions by

the editors of the Intergovernmental

Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Fourth Assessment Report (AR4).

Senator Inhofe also called for

former Vice President Al Gore

to be called back to the

Senate to testify.

“In Gore’s science fiction movie,

every assertion has been rebutted,”

Inhofe said.



He believes Vice President Gore

should defend himself and

his movie before Congress.

Just prior to a hearing a

t 10:00 a.m. EST,

Senator Inhofe released a

minority staff report from the

Senate Environment

and Public Works Committee,

of which he is ranking member.

Senator Inhofe is asking the

Department of Justice to investigate

whether there has been research

misconduct or criminal actions

by the scientists involved,

including Dr. Michael Mann

of Pennsylvania State University

and Dr. James Hansen of Columbia

University and the NASA

Goddard Institute for Space Studies.




This report,

obtained exclusively by

Pajamas Media before

today’s hearing,


The Minority Staff of the

Senate Committee on Environment

and Public Works believe the

scientists involved may have

violated fundamental ethical

principles governing taxpayer-

funded research and,

in some cases,

federal laws.

In addition to these findings,

we believe the emails and

accompanying documents

seriously compromise the

IPCC -backed “consensus”

and its central conclusion

that anthropogenic emissions

are inexorably leading to

environmental catastrophes.

As has been reported here

at Pajamas Media over the

last several months,

the exposure of the Climategate

files has led to a reexamination

of the IPCC Assessment Reports,

especially the fourth report (AR4),

published in 2007.

The IPCC AR4 report was named

by Environmental Protection

Agency head Lisa Jackson as one

of the major sources of scientific

support for the agency’s Endangerment

Finding, the first step towards

allowing the EPA to regulate

carbon dioxide as a pollutant.




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