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Mariska Hargitay Real Life Hero For Victims (Part TWO of TWO)







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By Robyn Ross

_____February 19th, 2010


SVU’s Mariska Hargitay

__Links are in GREEN

___Part TWO of TWO


What’s to come when SVU

returns after the Olympics?


You’re in for another fantastic

lineup of guest-stars and I can

tell you one thing,

I’m looking forward to rolling

up my sleeves with Sharon Stone

when she plays the role of an

Assistant District Attorney.

If you want more scoop,

you’ll have to follow executive

producer Neal Baer‘s twitter.


Will Olivia’s dedication continue

to put her at risk personally?


I think that the work Benson,

Stabler, Fin and Munch do

every day puts them at risk.

We’ve seen over the years

the toll it takes on their

relationships and personal lives.

And in the real world,

through my work with the

Joyful Heart Foundation,

we’ve seen the impact of

vicarious trauma on professionals

who work with abuse and suffering.

It can be incredibly

difficult to deal with.

As for Benson,

I hope she finds herself

in hot water again.

And I hope she keeps

pushing the limits —

just not too far.

A girl’s gotta work!


Are you happy to settle

back into the 10/9 c timeslot?


I’m thrilled we’re getting our

10 p.m. timeslot back.

I think 10 p.m. is appropriate

given the subject matter we deal

with every week.

I’ve said before that SVU isn’t

really a show parents want on

in the background while they’re

putting their kids to bed.

With the great scripts the

writers have been giving us

and the guest stars who’ll

be joining us,

we’ll be better than ever

on Wednesday at 10 p.m.




If the series were

to come to an end,

what would you like

to see for Olivia?


Olivia has always struggled

with balancing her job and

her personal life.

We all do to some degree,

but she’s had a really hard time.

I’d love to see her start a family

and experience the profound

joy and fulfillment that can

come from that.

It certainly did in my life.


And many of the fans want

her and Stabler to finally

get together.


As far as Olivia getting

together with Stabler,

I’ll leave that up to the

viewers’ imagination.


How do you manage to balance

the show with Joyful Heart

and your family?


If I’ve learned anything

about juggling a lot of


it’s that you can’t do it alone.

I’m surrounded by the most

passionate and dedicated people.

The Board and staff at

Joyful Heart are so committed

to the work we’re doing.

I’ve also got a great team

of people who keep everything

at SVU running as smoothly

as possible and, of course,

my husband Peter is the best

partner I could ever hope for.

He also shares my passion

for Joyful Heart.

I may have a lot going on

that makes me a very busy person,

but I’m a happy person because of it.

I spend a good portion of each

day counting my many, many blessings.














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