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Cheryl Cole hubby Ashley Cole exposed as a Love Rat by the U.K. Sun!



CHEATING Ashley Cole

bedded a girl during

a Chelsea tour of America,

it was claimed yesterday,


ace reporter

Pete Samson

reported for the

amazing U.K. Sun

February 20th, 2010.









Ann Corbitt, 28,

is the FOURTH girl

linked to the hubby

of Cheryl Cole.



Love rat Cole romped with

the beauty during a sleepless

night in Seattle,

it was claimed last night.



Ann said she had sex with

Cheryl Cole’s philandering

husband at a hotel where the

Chelsea squad were staying

during a US tour.



She is the THIRD girl said

to have been bedded by the

29-year-old soccer star

behind Cheryl’s back.

He has also sent lewd snaps

of himself to a glamour model.


_Glamor model SONIA WILD



And the emergence of another

lover will heap more pain and

humiliation on Girls Aloud

beauty Cheryl, 26.



Local government worker Ann

said she met England defender

Cole in July last year after

Chelsea beat Seattle Sounders

during the Blues’ ten-day

pre-season tour of America.




A pal of hers said:

“Ashley Cole was celebrating

the victory with a handful of

Chelsea team-mates and their

friends in a bar in

downtown Seattle.”

“Ann and a friend got

talking to Ashley.

Ann and Ashley hit it off

straight away and they

spent most of the rest of that

evening by each other’s side.”


“They both had quite a bit to

drink and were in high spirits.”

“They went on to

the Amber nightclub,

where they stayed in

the VIP area.”



American Ann told friends

Cole then took her to Seattle’s

luxurious Four Seasons hotel,

Chelsea’s base in the city.



Her pal added:

“Ann said she spent the

night with Ashley and

then left the next morning.”

“She never saw him or

spoke to him after that.”

“She is about as different

to a trashy British glamour

girl as you can get.”

“Ann is usually a civilised,

well-educated girl who is

seriously involved in politics

and has ambitions to work

her way to the top.”

“But she went on and on

about how cool it is that

she slept with a celebrity

and how attractive Ashley

thought she was.”

“She was really big-headed

about the whole thing.”



The pal told how Ann has

been getting phone calls

“out of the blue”

in the last few days.

The friend said:

“She believes Ashley’s

associates are trying

to silence her.”



But Cole was last night braced

for more lurid revelations as Ann,

who works in the office of

a Seattle councillor,

made it known she is thinking

about selling her story.



Her pal said:

“At first she was worried

she would lose her job if

she ever spoke about it.”

“But now she is

weighing up her options.

She thinks she could make

a lot of money to lay bare

the full details.”



Cole was first exposed as a

love cheat in 2008 after he

bedded hairdresser

Aimee Walton, 22,

following a vodka cocktail binge.

Last week The Sun revealed

he sent X-rated pictures of

himself to glamour girl

Sonia Wild, 28.






And on Tuesday we told how

he romped with a soccer club

secretary –

named on Thursday night

as 30-year-old Vicki Gough.

Today we can reveal Cole’s

extraordinary scheming as he

set up hotel trysts with Vicki.




After swapping filthy text

messages with her for weeks,

he planned their first meeting

before a Chelsea away game at Hull.

He sent her a text at 1.12pm

on October 27 2008 saying:

“Mayb ill get another room

what do u think x.”

Then at 2.58pm Vicki

received the message:

“Room done i said its 4

my bro and girlfriend.

I get there at 4 so ill get

the key and sort it 4 u x.”

Eight minutes later

Cole told her:

“Call me when ur home

and ill text u address x.”

At 4.45pm,

he confirmed:

“Forest pines broughton

near brigg north linconshire

dn20 0aq room 15 call me

when u get here and i throw

key out my window x.”

Vicki rejected

the daft window idea.



And after driving for three

hours to reach the posh hotel she

checked into an extra room booked

for Cole by a Chelsea official.



As she travelled on

October 28 the player texted:

“Ok u can get room

service if ur hungry

bring some wine x.”

By 5.52pm Cole was clearly

getting excited about the

tryst and told Vicki:

“Ur sexy legs.

Go to reception and pick

up key if they ask anything

say ur Boy is coming up

after work x.”

After their sex session Cole

sent the secretary another

text at 6.23am after he

sneaked out of the room,


“Thank u 4 coming up

i had a great time. X”



ASHLEY Cole was yesterday

named the most hated man in

Britain in a website vote by

3,000 women –

even beating hate

preacher Abu Hamza.

The full top ten in the

OnePoll.com survey was:

1 Ashley Cole.

2 John Terry.

3 Abu Hamza.

4 Tiger Woods.

5 Lotto lout Mikey Carroll.

6 Boris Johnson.

7 Gordon Ramsay.

8 Darren Day.

9 Gordon Brown.

10 Vernon Kay.














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