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Cheryl Cole and Lady GaGa: The BRITS hit the fans! (Part ONE of TWO)




Flight For This Love:

Cheryl Cole jets off

to LA after feisty

Brits performance

(but what’s that ring on

her wedding finger?)

By Chris Johnson.

Ben Todd and

Sarah Nathan

______February 17th, 2010


Brit Awards 2010

__Part ONE of TWO

Cheryl Cole is leaving cheating

husband Ashley to sweat it out

a bit longer as she jetted out

of London alone this morning

bound for Los Angeles.



The singer,

who is livid with the Chelsea star

over claims he cheated on her with

a blonde secretary,

made a clear statement that her music

came first by pressing ahead with

a scheduled week-long recording and

writing session for her solo work.



Rather than staying in the UK to

talk through her marital problems –

as many in her position would –

career-driven Cheryl left Ashley holed

up at their Surrey mansion recovering

from a broken ankle.



Her transatlantic trip comes less than

12 hours after she put on a hard-faced

performance at the Brit Awards,

without her wedding ring, which she

banned her husband from attending.

Today the singer was again minus her

£160,000 diamond wedding band and

wore a blinged-up gold one in its place.



Perhaps it was a gift from Ashley,

who bought her a new wedding ring

back in 2007 –

worth double the price of the first –

after he allegedly cheated on her

with hairdresser Aimee Walton.



A spokesman for the singer

told Mail Online today:

‘Cheryl Cole is going to America

for writing and recording sessions.

This is a session that was

scheduled last month.

She is away for a week.

We have no further

comment to make.’



There is also speculation the

26-year-old X Factor judge could

be visiting Victoria Beckham who

has offered Cheryl her support

having herself faced claims husband

David Beckham cheated on her

with Rebecca Loos back in 2004.




While Cheryl has maintained a

dignified silence over her husband’s

indiscretion last night she made her

feelings clear during a centrepiece

Brits performance –

by not wearing her wedding ring.



And in the circumstances,

most fans would forgive her awful

lip-synching which at times was

quite clearly out of time with the lyrics.

After arriving on stage to a

standing ovation and the biggest

cheer of the night,

she stared directly at a camera,

contorted her face and belted

out the lyrics

‘We’ve got to fight for this love’.



And during her performance fans

in the crowd were heard shouting

‘dump him, dump him’.

It was a stark message to her husband

Ashley who she had banned from the

glittering ceremony after it was alleged

that he had cheated on her with

a blonde secretary.



Girls Aloud bandmates Nicola Roberts

and Kimberley Walsh certainly were

on hand to support as they cheered

from the sidelines alongside

her mother Joan.



Waving her ringless

wedding finger around,

the singer performed a high-energy

dance routine with two costume

changes from a white gold trimmed

mac to a black sequined

bodice and hoodie.



In the middle of the performance

the 1993 dance anthem Show Me Love

was mixed with her track for

a brief interlude,

before Cheryl emerged again

in her second outfit.






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