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Cheryl Cole Husband Ashley: From Cupid To Stupid!




FOOTIE ace Ashley Cole

cheated on wife Cheryl

with a blonde after

sending her sex texts,


Andrew Parker and

Nick Parker report for

the amazing U.K. Sun

February 16th, 2010.









The secretary told how Cole, 29,

sneaked her into Chelsea’s team hotel

before Premier League matches.

On one occasion,

a club official took her to the

England star’s room where they

romped next door to Blues skipper

John Terry.

Cole turned up the TV before the

sex session with his blonde lover –

so that Terry would not hear

them from his room.

We can reveal married Cole,


twice sneaked the pretty secretary

into the team hotel for sex before

away games.

The first time he sent her texts

directing her to a room booked

under the name of a club official.

On the second occasion a

track suited team aide collected

her from the hotel lobby and

silently led her to Cole’s room.

Once inside,

Cole turned up the telly and smirked:

“JT’s next door –

I don’t want him to hear us.”

The secretary,

a single girl aged 30,

said Cole was in “absolute terror”

of being caught cheating by

pop star wife Cheryl –

just months after hairdresser

Aimee Walton, 22,

told how she had sex with him.

Her revelations will come as a

fresh blow to X Factor star

Cheryl, 26,

due to perform at the Brits tonight.



The blonde added:

“Ashley begged me to

come to his hotel for sex,

but it was like a military

operation getting into the room.

“On both occasions I had to

smuggle in a bottle of rosé wine

for us to drink in bed because

he wasn’t supposed to drink

before games.

“He was petrified of getting caught

by his wife AND by Chelsea,

but he just couldn’t stop himself

taking crazy risks.

That must have been part

of the thrill for him.”



The Sun told yesterday how

£82,000-a-week Cole –

currently out of action

with a broken ankle –

bombarded the girl with

sex texts and photos of

his private parts.

Cole got hold of the secretary’s

phone number from one of his

pals who had met her on a

social networking site.

It was the SECOND time

Cole had been exposed as a

sex text cheat after we told

last week of his phone fling

with topless model Sonia Wild,



__________SONIA WILD



After weeks of illicit messaging,

Cole finally met the secretary

the night before Chelsea’s match

at Hull on October 29 2008.

The blonde spent three hours

driving to Hull after work,

and admitted:

“I’d always fancied Ashley Cole.

I had a crush on him.

“But I still didn’t quite believe

it would be him I was spending

the night with.

I thought it might be some

youth team kid who’d tricked

me by using his phone.”



When she arrived at the Forest

Pines Hotel in North Lincolnshire,

Cole suggested he could throw

a key card out of his window

for her to find in the bushes.

She told him that was a daft idea,

so Cole left an envelope at reception.

The girl said:

“I was nervous as hell.

I’d told some friends where

I was in case it wasn’t Ashley

at all and I was walking

into a trap.

“I went to room 15 on the

ground floor and Ashley texted

to say he’d be down in 15 minutes

and I was to leave the door ajar.

“I thought,

‘This is a trap.

Some dodgy bloke is

going to appear.’

I even had a window open

so I could jump out and run

if need be.”

But within minutes

randy Cole appeared.



The blonde said:

“I didn’t hear him coming down

the corridor but then he ran

into the room like a flash.

He was out of breath and

looked in a complete panic.

I looked at him and said,

‘Oh hello.

It is you then’ –

and he smiled.

“The first thing I noticed

was how small he was,

several inches shorter than

me and almost petite.

“He wasn’t at all confident

and cocky like I thought

he would be.

I was apprehensive about

the whole thing but he was

in a right state.”

The secretary told how she

and Cole watched two dud sci-fi

films before getting down to sex.



She added:

“It wasn’t raunchy stuff,

more like relationship sex.

The whole thing was surreal.

I thought this toned athlete

with a reputation as a ladies’ man

would be throwing me all

over the bed.

But it was quite the opposite.”

The blonde said she was surprised

Cole chose to spend all night with

her rather than returning to his

own room to sleep.



Cole woke at 6.30 next morning

and got his lover to check the

corridor was clear before

kissing her goodbye.

Cole later texted her to

check she had got home OK.

She added:

“I thought that would be

the last I’d hear from him.”

But he continued sending

lewd texts and asking her to

send him nude pics of herself.



One message read,

“can i have 1 more of ur tits”.

Cole then arranged a second

secret liaison on Friday

November 14 2008,

the night before Chelsea

played at West Brom.

He kept the girl waiting in

the car park of a Birmingham

hotel for 15 minutes,

saying he was in a team meeting,

before telling her to wait in the bar.

The blonde said:

“A bloke wearing Chelsea

tracksuit bottoms appeared

from the lift area.

“He beckoned me to follow

him to the lifts and we got in

without him saying a word

or even making eye contact

with me.

I got the impression he

had done it before.

I followed him to Ashley’s room.

“The guy closed the door

behind me and disappeared.

I asked Ash if we were

going to be all right,

because he’d told me Chelsea

security men walked the corridors

at night to make sure the players

were behaving.

He said it was fine.

I asked him who the guy was

who’d brought me up and he

said he just works for the club.

“I noticed he’d got the TV

turned up really loud.

We lay on the bed and he

turned it up even louder.

“He said it was because JT

was in the next room and he

didn’t want him to hear anything.

I said, ‘Justin Timberlake?

I’m in the wrong room’.

He said, ‘No, John Terry

and didn’t seem to get my joke.”

The secretary said they again

had “relationship sex” before

lying down together chatting.



She said:

“He never once mentioned

Cheryl’s name.

“The papers at the time

were saying he and Cheryl were

thinking about starting a family,

but he skirted round that –

he said kids would change

your life so much.”

Cole again gave his lover

a kiss as they parted,

but the second tryst

was their last,

and their text messages

finished on December 5 2008.



The blonde added:

“He just went off radar.

Perhaps he had moved

on to the next girl.”

The secretary has asked

not to be identified because

she fears losing her job.

But she has given The Sun

a sworn statement,

as well as her phone

records and pictures.

Spokesmen for Cole and Chelsea

both declined to comment.







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