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Cheryl Cole hubby Ashley prefers dog food to steak!





is today exposed as a liar and

a sex text cheat after X-rated

messages and photos of him

were found on ANOTHER

blonde’s mobile phone,


Nick Parker and

Andrew Parker

report for the astounding

U.K. Sun

February 15th, 2010.














The England footie ace, 29,

wed to X Factor star Cheryl,

sent the secretary hundreds

of lurid texts.




Cole’s new shame emerged

just days after he explained away

nude photos of himself found

on a topless model’s mobile.

Cole last week insisted he had

been “larking about” when he

took explicit snaps of himself

on a pay-as-you-go mobile

while “between phones”.

The Chelsea defender said the

pics were sent to glamour girl

Sonia Wild after he gave the

temporary mobile to a friend,

who passed it to another pal.


___________SONIA WILD



But that explanation is today

exposed as a lie as The Sun

reveals another woman received

virtually IDENTICAL pictures

of Cole and more than 300

text messages –

sent from the SAME phone

nine months earlier.



The snaps include Cole standing

in front of a bathroom mirror in

just his white pants and others

too obscene to publish.

We can reveal the Chelsea player

bombarded the pretty secretary

with nude photos and raunchy

messages while his wife Cheryl

was working as a judge on

TV’s X Factor.



The England footie star,


sent the blonde career girl

hundreds of texts over a

two-month period.

Most were sent while

Cheryl was at work on

X Factor’s 2008 series.

And the messages –

stored on the secretary’s mobile –

tear apart the tissue of lies

concocted by Cole last week as

he denied having text sex with

topless model Sonia Wild,



___________SONIA WILD



His representatives insisted the

photos of Cole on Sonia’s phone

were a “one-off”.

Cole’s texts to the secretary –

who we are not naming to

protect her identity –

also reveal the lengths he went

to in a bid to hide his cheating

ways from Girls Aloud

favourite Cheryl, 26.



During their first text session,

on October 4 2008,

Cole wrote:

“I beg u keep this between us x.”

Minutes later he added:

“Please delete all texts

ill have no balls left.”

But Cole was soon asking her

to send him pictures of herself.



The £82,000-a-week

Chelsea star responded by

sending her seven snaps,

including one in his underpants,

another of his face –

and two clearly showing

he was aroused.

Sending indecent images over a

mobile phone network is a crime,

punishable by six months’ jail

or a £5,000 fine.

As Cole and the secretary exchanged

ever more steamy messages,

he again stressed the need for

secrecy on October 9,

when he sent a text that read:

“we both have things 2

lose i do trust u alot.

And i would never show any1.”



But Cole was still begging the girl

to send him more explicit snaps –

and his texts that night included,

“can i have 1 more

of ur t**s please”


“C told u.

U will get better 1s

when u send flesh.”

Many of Cole’s texts were

sent on Fridays and Saturdays,

while Cheryl was at the X Factor

studios in North London working

on rehearsals or the live show

or the live show itself.

The longest barrage –

a total of 57 messages –

was sent on the weekend of

October 25 and 26 2008.



Minutes before sending a picture

of his private parts at 3.32am

on October 26,

Cole joked:

“No its not big.

Ur make me laugh.


The text chat then

became more explicit,

until Cole’s phone ran

out of battery power.

Cheryl ended up in tears

backstage at X Factor that

weekend after having to axe

one of the acts.

But she then hit the town with

Girls Aloud pals Sarah Harding,

Nadine Coyle,

Kimberley Walsh and

Nicola Roberts as they

celebrated their single

The Promise hitting No 1.



The band’s £50,000 party

went on until just after 4am,

while Cole’s text session

ended at 4.44am.

The next day,

October 27,

Cole sent a message saying:

“Hello how r u 2day

recovered from our text a thon.

Ha x”



Cole’s text fling happened

just months after hairdresser

Aimee Walton, 22,

told The Sun she had

sex with him.

Cheryl was devastated and

spent much of 2008 battling

to save their marriage.





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