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Obama At War With Conservative America (Part TWO of TWO)




Is Obama
really at War
_._with a
‘Network of

By William Tate

_______January 4th, 2010

American Thinker


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____Part TWO of TWO

Obama’s choice to head the CIA,
Leon Panetta,
had no intelligence experience,
and he met resistance from even
loyal Democrats.

“My position has consistently been
that I believe the agency is best-served
by having an intelligence professional
in charge at this time,”
California Senator Dianne Feinstein
told the New York Times.

To Panetta’s credit,
even he couldn’t fully stomach
the assault Obama launched on
the intelligence community.

ABC News reported of a
“profanity-laced screaming match”
between Panetta and another unnamed
senior Obama official over the decision
to open criminal investigations of CIA
officers who used harsh interrogation
methods to keep the country safe.

The Washington Post left no doubt
that the decision was green-lighted
by Obama:
“official accounts did not
mention Holder’s conversations
with the White House,
nor Obama’s deep,
if cautious,
engagement with the issues.”
Flight 253 Bomber (pic: CNN screengrab)
At about the same time last August
that Obama and Holder were playing
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab traveled
to Yemen to learn how to sew
explosives into his underwear.

And speaking of Captain Underpants,
the accused Christmas Day bomber
has reportedly warned that there are
more terrorists like him in Yemen.

We know there are at least six.

Just days before Abdulmutallab
tried to blast Northwest Flight 253
out of the the sky over Detroit,
Obama released an additional
half-dozen Gitmo detainees to Yemen.

In all,
Obama has sent 42 suspected
Guantánamo terrorists home,
where they are free to join their
jihadist comrades in future attacks.

The rest,
will soon be in federal courts,
where they will do everything they can
to reveal U.S. intelligence capabilities
to other terrorists.

The underwear-bomber launched
the second high-profile terrorist attack
on this country in as many months.



Team Obama tried to discount the
Fort Hood shooting as the work of
a lone gunman,
even trying to absolve Major Nidal
Malik Hasan by rationalizing that
the accused shooter was suffering
something they called
“pre-traumatic stress syndrome”
before he was deployed.

Now that it’s been reported that Hasan
and Abdulmutallab may have been in
contact with the same radical imam
while they were preparing their attacks,
it’s going to take even more convoluted
logic and language to try to ignore
the obvious —
that the war we’re fighting is with
a vicious band of radical Islamists
committed to jihad against the
United States and the West.

This blows to hell the Obama storyline,
which went something like this:
They hate us because of George Bush.

Elect me and the whole
world will suddenly love us.
Since it was delivered by a candidate
who reads from a teleprompter as
smoothly as Tiger Woods
picks up women,
some folks actually
bought that pablum…
enough to elect him,
at least.

As for Obama —
like many good orators,
he started to believe
his own shtick.

his campaign platitudes of
Hope and Change have
been realized…
by America’s enemies.

_______William Tate is an
____award-winning journalist
_________and author.



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“If you tell a big enough lie
and tell it frequently enough,
it will be believed.
Adolph Hitler

“The victor will never be
asked if he told the truth.”
Adolph Hitler

“It is not truth that matters,
but victory.”
Adolph Hitler

“The great masses of the
people will more easily fall
victims to a big lie than
to a small one.”
Adolph Hitler

“What good fortune for
governments that the
people do not think.”
Adolph Hitler




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