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Obama Plans To Rule By Fascist Decree (Part TWO of TWO)





Obama Declares

.He will Rule by



By Kurt Nimmo

____February 13th, 2010


Obama Declares He Will Rule

___Part TWO of TWO

“White House officials said the increased

focus on executive authority reflected a

natural evolution from the first year to

the second year of any presidency,”

The New York Times continues.

Hitler exploited this “natural evolution”

to turn Germany into a fascist

dictatorship through executive orders.

In fact,


Clinton and Bush the Lesser issued a

flurry of executive orders that surpassed

anything Hitler or Stalin issued.

Executive orders have been around

since the beginning of the republic.

George Washington issued a

number of proclamations,

dispositions and recommendations.

For instance,

a suggestion that a day of Thanksgiving

take place on Thursday,

November 26, 1789.

He was severely criticized for issuing

a proclamation suggesting U.S. citizens

joining or aiding the war between Austria,

Prussia, Sardinia, Britain and the

Netherlands be prosecuted.

George Washington’s proclamations,


did not over rule legislation

passed by Congress.

Executive orders did not really pick

up steam until the presidency of

Abraham Lincoln.

During the invasion of the South

for opposing the federal government,

Lincoln issued a large number

of executive orders allowing the federal

military to steal land and turn prisoners

of war into forced labor slaves.




The grand daddy of executive

orders was Franklin Roosevelt.

He issued 3,723 of them.

Here is a sample.

Roosevelt’s most notorious

executive order was 6102.

It permitted the federal government

to steal all privately held gold in

the United States.

Ronald Reagan —

sold to the people as a “conservative” —

issued 381 executive orders,

more than George W. Bush.

Clinton came close to Reagan.

He issued 364.

Reagan violated the Constitution

directly when he issued

Executive Order 12611 ordering

“Assistance for Central American

Democracies and the Nicaraguan

Democratic Resistance,”

in other words providing assistance

to the Contras,

a violation of the Boland Amendment.

Clinton used executive orders to defy

Congress and conduct a murder

campaign against the people of


Clinton also violated Article 1,

Section 8 of the Constitution when he

bombed the European country.

Article 1, Section 8 states that

“Congress shall have power to…

declare War,

not the president.

During the election,

Obama not only said he would

not issue executive orders but he

would reverse those issued during

the Bush era.

On his very first day in office,

Obama broke this pledge and

implemented and signed into law

Executive Order 13489 barring the

release of presidential records

(presumably including

his birth certificate).



Obama also signed executive orders

allowing Interpol to operate beyond

the law in the United States

and establishing the

Council of Governors.

Obama will continue the process

of rule by decree established by

his predecessors.

He will rule in the tradition of the

Roman Second Triumvirate and the

Lex Titia decree under Gaius Octavian,

general Mark Antony and

pontifex maximus Aemilius Lepidus.

It should be noted that the resolution

paved the way for the Final War of

the Roman Republic and the total

collapse of republican government.









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