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Sexual Oddities (Part TWO of TWO)




Most Unimaginable

Forms of Philias

._and – Isms of

Which You Never

_._Knew Before

____October 13th, 2009


____Part TWO of TWO




Fetish for women packed

in orthopedic corsets,

bandages and limb extension devices.

The favorite book of every

fracturephil is Romain Slocombe’s

“City of the Broken Dolls,”


The book contains multiple

photographs of naked Japanese girls

packed in various orthopedic bandages.



Macrogynophilia is a fetish for

giant women who are over 6 feet tall

and wear size 12 shoes.

There aren’t that many

of these women,

so when they do appear,

they get no peace from


For example,

Queen Andreena,

America’s wrestling champion

(6.2 feet, 310 pounds)

on a daily basis receives 40 to 50

letters from those in love with her.

“Many men are sexually suppressed

by the image of their mother,”

says Gloria Brame,

a psychologist.

“There is nothing pathological here.

For some of these men a “mother”

in a woman is reflected in

height and mass.

It brings them to the time of

their life when their mothers

seemed to be beautiful giants.”




Pygmalionists enjoy

playing with dolls.


They think that dolls are

better than women because


They don’t require special care





They always do what

you want them to do





They are made of soft

silicone and rubber.


Sex-dolls are usually ugly,

but who cares?


Abyss Creations Company made

a step towards pygmalionists and

made a RealDoll –

Miss Perfection.


This doll looks like a top model

and has a body that’s hard to

tell from a human one.



the doll doesn’t move,

doesn’t speak and doesn’t flirt

with pizza delivery guys.


The price of the doll is $5,000,

and Abyss Creations don’t

suffer from lack of clients.




People who suffer from this syndrome

fantasize about sculptures

and monuments.




Stone bodies arouse them

much more than live women do.





Sexologists are convinced that at

least 10 to 15% of all men are

morphophiliacs, i.e.

admirers of very fat women.

They think that most men

don’t like “perfect” women

with narrow waists,

protruding hip bones and ribs –

the products of influence of television,


and fashion magazines.

Fullness and fatness were

always considered sexually attractive

(if a lady eats well,

she can feed her kids –

time to breed!)




For representatives of primitive

cultures a fat woman is a gift.

In some areas of Africa

and Middle East, any nutritionist

or stylist would be subjected

to public beating.




A fetish for trees.

“These people enjoy rubbing their

naked genitalia against tree bark.



It’s obviously a reminiscence

of Druid traditions,”

says Robert Graves,

an ethnographer.




Animals Fetish

These patients shouldn’t have

slept with teddy bears when

they were kids.

Their childish attachment

evolved into a strong fetish.



Now the sex-industry exploits

these people’s feelings by selling

stuffed vaginas and bunny rabbits

with special silicone pockets

under their bellies.





Some parents think that there is

nothing better for kids than a

visit to a zoo where they can

observe the animals or ride ponies.

Although 99.9% of kids successfully

survive the zoo experience,

0.01% comes back as pseudo-zoophiles.

This is caused by the animals’ public

expression of sexual behavior.

The kids observe the animals,

experience arousal,

and 20 years later have to

deal with the consequences.

They don’t end up sexually

harassing hippopotamuses

and giraffes,

but strongly prefer sex while

dressed up as a squirrel or

a bunny rabbit.




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