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Sexual Oddities (Part ONE of TWO)




Most Unimaginable

Forms of Philias

._and – Isms of

Which You Never

_._Knew Before

____October 13th, 2009


____Part ONE of TWO


Love can take many freaky forms.

It’s one thing when a man and a

woman are passionately in love.

It’s quite natural and complies with

the Biblical commandments.

We are also used to same-sex

couples that are completely legit

in some countries.

But what are we supposed to think

of those who write love poems

to women’s shoes,

balloons or a birch tree?

It turns out that there is a special

classification for these

freaks of nature.

Psychologists believe that sexual

symbols are formed as early as

the infant stage.

It’s nice if the first sexual symbol

enters a baby-boy’s head when

he sees a baby-girl in the next crib.

But what if the first symbol appears

at the least appropriate moment?

It seems that those who like peeping

through keyholes of women’s

changing rooms have it easy.

It could have been

much worse than that.



In the times of

Argentinean dictatorship,

Pinochet’s secret executioners used

horrible torture devices,

electrodes attached to genitals.

If a victim refused to speak,

the executioners would run electric

power through the device.



Electrophiles would

enjoy the experience.

At least they wouldn’t have to

pay for similar devices produced

specifically for them in the US

by Eclectic Electric.



If someone collects female shoes

and spends his entire time kissing,

licking and hugging them,

this condition is called retifism,

or shoe fetish.



Anaclitism is a fetish for

objects used by infants.

There are groups of adult

people who enjoy wearing diapers.

They also like when

others change their diapers,

put talc on their butts,

feed them with baby formula and

put them to sleep in cribs.



All this infant mischief doesn’t

prevent the “babies” from having sex.

These people can be found of

the website “Friends in Diapers.”



Not to be confused

with homosexuality.

Most transvestites love women,

so much in fact that they are ready

to wear women’s clothes 24/7.




For example,

Kerry Halloween,

an American who has been married

for 20 years and has four kids,

is no longer satisfied with

tights and evening gowns.

He ordered a special latex costume

that reflects every curve of female body.



Love for air balloons.

Perhaps someone didn’t buy a kid

a balloon despite of the kid’s demands.

And the kid developed a lifetime

attraction for the forbidden fruit.

Here’s the description

provided by Iogann E.,

a volunteer patient of a

Vienna Mental Health Center:

“I undress and let the

balloons touch my body,

electrifying my every hair.

Then I experience a

release of sexual tension.”

Interestingly enough,

balloonism is not that rare.

The website offers multiple air

balloons of various shapes,

for example,

woman’s breasts.



Macrophilia is a form of masochism.

It involves a desire of

being dominated by giants,

for example,

being stomped on.



When making mummies,

Egyptians waited for

a person to die.

Today’s enthusiasts are ready

to be bandaged alive.

Merintophilia is an extreme

form of bondage fetish

(sexual arousal from being

tied up and helpless).

Merintophiles enjoy being

wrapped in layers of elastic

bandages and scotch tape

with only a small hole left

for breathing.

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  1. i see some women who choose womens shoes that are brightly colored and very stylish .,-

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