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Lady GaGa helps Haiti



Lady Gaga

has taken aim at reports
she snubbed the star-studded
reworking of charity anthem
We Are The World,
WENN reports
February 5th, 2010.

The Bad Romance hitmaker was
rumoured to be among the 80-plus
celebrities invited to perform the
1985 Michael Jackson and
Lionel Richie hit,
which has been revamped to aid
the Haiti earthquake relief effort –
but she was a no show on Monday
night when the recording took place.
And now the singer has
set the record straight,
insisting she didn’t turn her
back on struggling Haitians –
she simply wasn’t supposed
to be part of the party.
She says,
“I was never supposed
to do We Are The World…
I believe that they
(Richie and producer
Quincy Jones)
may have asked about it,
but I was unable to do it.”
Gaga has been doing her own
thing to raise funds for Haiti,
including handing over the profits
from tickets and merchandise at
a recent New York show to charities
dedicated to the relief effort.

Speaking to Los Angeles
DJ Billy Bush on Thursday,
she explained,
“I’ve been working on
my own charity projects
for Haiti.

We’ve raised over half
a million dollars for Haiti
already and we like to work
specifically with charities t
hat are based in Haiti itself.”
“I donated all of the proceeds
from one show worth of ticket
sales as well as all the of the
merchandise from that show
and for 24 hours we had
a Gaga for Haiti day,
where everything that was
bought on the website…
went to Haiti.’
“We’re continuing to work
on more projects and we’re
supposed to go to Haiti
later this year for a show,
which is very exciting.”







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