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Lady GaGa is all woman, fotos squash stupid rumors





Outfit Silences
Accusations Of
_Fashion and

____February 4th, 2010.


Pop singer Lady Gaga
has been the center of
a plethora of rumors,
the least of which was
that she was a
hermaphrodite whose
extra material had been
exposed by a concert
photo which showed
an extra protrusion in
her genitalia region.

According to one source,
these rumors have once
and for all been put to rest
after Lady Gaga‘s 2010
Grammy performance
where still shots show
a significant lack of bulge:

“this silenced the
Hermaphrodite rumors
which reportedly never
really offended Lady GaGa,
just only offended her
as she reportedly stated
in a past interview.

Lady GaGa had an
amazing performance.

She came to the stage
with smoke blasting
everywhere and dancers
that were definitely
workin’ it.

Lady GaGa comes in
smoking and goes out
with a bang.

The duet that she
performed with Elton
John was wonderful.

From an artist
such as Lady GaGa,
such a performance
that meshed so well
with Sir Elton was










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