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Alcoholic Ronnie made Jo Wood “unhappy” with his boozy behavior – great husband to steal Ekaterina!






Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife Jo
is grateful to the young
Russian waitress who stole
her husband of 23 years –
because the rocker’s drinking
made her so “unhappy.

World Entertainmnt News
covered this story
January 31st, 2010.
The Rolling Stones legend dumped
his wife in 2008 to set up home with
21-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova.
The pair split after a tumultuous
18-month relationship which ended
in the star being cautioned by police
last year after he allegedly choked
his young lover during a heated
30-minute argument outside a
restaurant in Surrey.
Wood has now sought professional help
and joined a rehabilitation centre in
London for the eighth time to conquer
his demons once and for all,
according to the Daily Mail newspaper.
And in an interview published
in the same newspaper the day
after Wood allegedly entered rehab,
his former wife,
ex-model Jo,
has revealed his affair with Ivanova
was actually a blessing in disguise –
because being married to
the musician was so tough.
She says,
“He is an absolute darling
when he doesn’t drink,
but I don’t feel that sort
of special feeling for
him any more.”
“I still love him,
he was my husband
and the father of
our two children,
but I love him
as a friend.”
“You know something?
Katia did me a favour.”
“I’d never have left Ronnie,
but there were times
when I was so unhappy.”
“His drinking was far worse
than anyone ever knew.”
“The whole family
covered up for him.
“It was like having
another child in the
“We hardly ever went
out because I knew he’d
end up getting drunk
and embarrassing
I can go out whenever
I want and enjoy just
being myself.”
The former couple share two children;
31-year-old Leah and Tyrone, 25.






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