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Lady GaGa was a “Strange Youngster” – been there, done that




___January 23rd, 2010


Lady Gaga
claims she was always
“different” to other people
but could always rely on
the support of her parents.
Lady Gaga was
never a “normal” child.
The Poker face singer admits
she was very different to other
kids her age when she was
growing up and even her parents
noticed she wasn’t the same
as everyone else.
The eccentric star said:
“My mother is the
strongest person on
the planet.”

“My parents always
knew I was different,
I was never
a normal kid.”
“I talked differently.
My dad used to say,
‘Just get to the point.’ “

“I do that with
my lyrics now.”
“It’s a testament when you
achieve things like that
when you’re young.
My parents really
supported me.”

The 23-year-old blonde –
famed for her outrageous
fashion sense –
also insisted she has always
dressed glamorously,
even when she wasn’t famous.
She said:
“I believe in living
a glamorous lifestyle,
I am a glamorous woman,
but it has nothing to do
with money and it has
nothing to do
with cameras.”
“I was this way
before all of this.
You can be whoever
you choose to become
in the future,
just do it.”
“Just see it and visualize it
and every day of your life
project that about yourself.”






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