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Entertainment industry insiders deny affairs with Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox





A voice coach who
helped Angelina Jolie
speak Russian in her
latest thriller Salt has
spoken out to deny
rumours he had an affair
with the Hollywood
WENN reports
January 22nd, 2010.
Dialect expert Howard
Samuelsohn spent time with
the superstar to perfect her
Soviet accent for the new movie,
in which she plays a Russian
sleeper agent.
But following speculation Jolie
had a fling with her dialect
coach during production,
Samuelsohn has come forward
to blast reports he bedded
the beauty at New York hotel
The Waldorf Astoria
insisting he is too
“short and middle-aged”
for Jolie to be interested
in him.
He tells RadarOnline.com,
“I’m 5’6,
I’m 51 years old,
and I’ve never been
to The Waldorf.
I would like for someone
to get the word out.
(This) is total bulls**t.”

This is Rash Manly,
and I want to get the
word out that I claim
I am NOT having an affair
with either Angelina Jolie
or Megan Fox,
despite being six feet tall
and madly good looking,
because I am a married man!
The photos of us together
you have never seen because
we are too cautious do not
exist in spite of my Brad Pitt/
Daniel Craig/Jude Law look
alike handsome features.


This is total bull poo poo.

Ang and the Megster,
I mean Ms. Jolie and Ms. Fox,
whom I claim I do not know,
are not having secret love
trysts at Hilton Hotels and
Motel 6‘s around the country
with me because my wife
may be reading this and
Megster and Ang are
not using me to sate
their carnal needs because we
all deny knowing each other
so there.
I claim to deny everything
and no one can yet prove

I just wanted to claim
to set the record straight.

_______Rash Manly
____January 23rd, 2010





__Photos I did not take at Motel 6






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