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Democrats are liars liars pants on fire from Climate Change (Part TWO of TWO)




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By Lauri Regan

____January 7th, 2010

American Thinker


____Part TWO of TWO


And we could not escape the
left’s attacks on every Bush gaffe,
the whole of which became the
subject of books,
late-night television humor,
and even decks of cards.

To this day,
the left is completely incapable of
appreciating the acts of the
Bush years,
which will go down in history as
based on intellectual honesty and
moral character —
two characteristics wholly lacking
in any agenda emanating from
the Democrats controlling
our government.

There is no better example of
intellectual dishonesty than
After Al Gore left the restaurant,
the waiter walked over to our
table laughing.

But when we raised
the Climategate fiasco,
the waiter had no idea what
we were talking about.

The fraud pervasive in the
scientific community is just as
rampant in the mainstream media
that is failing to adequately
investigate and report on this
extremely important story.
I went to see the Sherlock Holmes
movie with my family this past

As every fan of the Sherlock Holmes
stories is aware,
the key lesson is that you must
gather all of the facts before forming
a theory.

An individual who first forms a
theory and then gathers facts to
support it will wind up ignoring
the facts which run contra to it
and ultimately err in her conclusion.
How is it,
that a vast majority of the scientific
community charged with investigating
changes in the world’s climate —
“certified intellectuals,”
as it were —
have done exactly that,
and with the unfettered support
of the Democratic Party and the
left-wing media?

This simple, commonsense approach
to a criminal investigation should
be the basis of scientific endeavors
from the beginning to
the end of time.

It should permeate business decisions,economic policy,
and certainly a government’s rules
and regulations.

It is otherwise known
as common sense —
something completely lacking
in today’s politicians.

Ideology has taken its place.

For the Democrats,
it is all about ideology.
It does not matter that universal
health care has failed the world

It will pass here and be forced
upon the populace, the majority
of which has no desire to suffer
under its failures just to enable
the Democrats to retain long-term
power and control over individuals.

The war on terror?

There is none.

A few “man-caused disasters,”
but releasing the Gitmo
detainees to Yemen —
despite our knowledge that it is
a breeding ground for terrorism
and an al-Qaeda stronghold
makes sense to those coming to office
with left-wing ideological beliefs.

And what could possibly be wrong
with giving up our nuclear weapons
and defense systems when the rest
of the world’s dictators and rogue
nations are manufacturing them
as quickly as possible?
The problem with all of these
nonsensical ideological policies
is that they do not simply have
short-term effects on the country
and its citizens.

The Democrats are consciously and
successfully altering the economy,
the health care system,
our national defense,
and the stature of the United States
at breathtaking speed,
while those of us with common
sense and intellectual honesty
watch in dismay and horror.

A friend recently told me a
wonderful story about his encounter
with Albert Einstein as an
eight-year-old boy.

My friend’s father was a brilliant
and well-known author at the time,
and he was asked to meet one
afternoon with Einstein.
As my friend walked for
several hours in the woods,
accompanying the two men,
he struggled for just the right
question to ask of the world’s
most brilliant man.

Finally, as the meeting
was coming to an end,
my friend saw a leaf floating
down from a tree in a peculiar
swirling pattern.

He then asked,
“Dr. Einstein,
why is the leaf falling from the tree
like that rather than straight down?”

Einstein replied with a smile,
“I don’t know.”
As my colleague asked Al Gore,
“How’s that global warming
working out for you,”
it would have been nice
to hear Gore respond,
“I don’t know.”

But there is no money
for politicians —
or con-artists —
who admit that they just don’t know.

There are no earmarks and
windfalls being sent to the
intellectually honest people
with the moral character to
admit that they don’t have
all of the answers,
but that they are going to
gather all the facts first before
drawing conclusions which will
affect generations of individuals,
vast portions of the economy,
and individual rights previously
safeguarded in a Constitution
being usurped before our eyes.

The Einsteins of the world are
too smart to venture into politics.

But we can still make
sure that in the future,
we elect individuals of moral
character who are intellectually
honest with both themselves and
the American citizens.

Without them,
our Constitution is reduced
to meaningless words,
and Al Gore,
one of the real “fat cats,”
will continue to dine
at our expense.



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