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Democrats are liars liars pants on fire from Climate Change (Part ONE of TWO)





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By Lauri Regan

____January 7th, 2010

American Thinker


____Part ONE of TWO


This past week,
I was having lunch at a restaurant
in midtown Manhattan when my
colleague noticed Al and Tipper Gore
dining across the room
with another couple.

It was a frigid day,
with record-breaking temperatures
keeping most people indoors,
and we were the last two tables
in the restaurant.

As the Gore party started
walking out of the room,
my colleague called out,
“Hey, Al,
how’s all that global warming
working out for you?”
Gore turned around and stared at
us with a completely dumbfounded
look on his face.

He was speechless.
With a smile,
my colleague repeated the question,
again to a hapless look of dismay.

Gore mumbled under his breath,
you sound awfully angry.”

I responded with a thank you,
explaining to him that we were
actually extremely amused.

The encounter concluded with
Gore’s friend mouthing a very
animated “f— you” at us,
and they skulked away.

My only regret is that no
one at the table asked Gore,
“What’s the matter?
The polar bear’s got your tongue?”
What struck me the most about
this meeting was Gore’s complete
inability to utter a sentence
addressing his life’s work.

The former Vice President,
Nobel Prize laureate,
and Academy Award-winning
producer standing before us
was a moron,
unable to articulate a simple
comeback to address all that he
has stood for since leaving office.

He could have simply
ignored us and kept walking,
as he does with reporters,
but by stopping and
standing there dumbstruck,
he looked like a fool.

That night,
I was watching Bill O’Reilly’s show,
and in his Reality Check segment,
he featured Rebecca Mead,
a writer for The New Yorker
who appeared on CBS’s
“Sunday Morning” talk show
lambasting Bush and praising
Obama as a “certified intellectual.”
Upon what does she base this claim?

All we know about Obama
is that he graduated from
Columbia University,
was an Alinskyite community
went to Harvard Law School,
and worked as a law school lecturer
before running for public office.

He has received the
author’s credit for two books,
though it is an open question how
much he relied on ghostwriters.

We have not seen
his school transcripts,
and he wrote not one single
signed article while acting
as president of the Harvard
Law Review or as a law
school instructor.

We have no idea what
Obama’s intellectual aptitude is,
and to claim that he is a
“certified intellectual” is absurd.
This is a man who certainly did
not deserve to be elected president
of the United States,
having accomplished little
in his first 46 years of life,
other than creating a faux persona
and developing strong oratory skills.

He too is unable to think on his
feet and without a teleprompter;
he too sounds like a buffoon as
he claims to have visited all 57
of the United States and that he
understands the Austrian language.
When Sarah Palin was asked
to be McCain’s vice president,
the left went berserk and attacked
her on all fronts, including her
lack of an “adequate” education.
A close friend e-mailed me,
specifically mentioning Palin’s
college as one reason why she
was not qualified for the job.

When I pointed out that Harry
Truman did not even graduate
from college,
there was no response.



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