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Obama praises the same Central Intelligence Agency he and Eric Holder have declared war upon






Spy chiefs turn

on President

Obama after 7

CIA agents are

slaughtered in


By David Gardner

____January 2nd, 2010


Spy chiefs turn on President Obama



Barack Obama was accused

of double standards yesterday

in his treatment of the CIA.

The President paid tribute to secret agents

after seven of them were killed by a suicide

bomber in Afghanistan.

In a statement,

he said the CIA had been

‘tested as never before’ and that

agents had ‘served on the front lines

in directly confronting the dangers

of the 21st century’.




He lauded the victims as

‘part of a long line of patriots who

have made great sacrifices for their

fellow citizens and for our way of life’.

Yet the previous day he had blasted

‘systemic failures’ in the CIA and

other U.S. intelligence agencies for

failing to prevent the Christmas Day

syringe bomb attack.


Flight 253 Bomber (pic: CNN screengrab)


‘One day the President is

pointing the finger and blaming

the intelligence services,

saying there is a systemic failure,’

said one agency official.

‘Now we are heroes.

The fact is that we are doing

everything humanly possible

to stay on top of the security


The deaths of our operatives shows

just how involved we are

on the ground.’




But CIA bosses claim they were unfairly

blamed at a time the covert government

agency has been stretched further

than ever before in Afghanistan

and Pakistan.

They point to the murder of seven

operatives at a remote mountain base

in Afghanistan’s Khost Province as

an example of how agents are putting

their lives on the line at the vanguard

of America’s far-flung wars.

The agents –

including the chief of the base,

a mother-of-three –

were collecting information about

militants when the suicide bomber

struck on Wednesday.



The attack was the deadliest single

day for the agency since eight CIA

officers were killed in the 1983

bombing of the US Embassy in Beirut.

The base targetted by Wednesday’s

suicide bomber was a control centre

for a covert programme overseeing

strikes by remote-controlled aircraft

along Afghanistan’s border

with Pakistan.

‘Those who fell were far from home

and close to the enemy, doing the

hard work that must be done to

protect our country from terrorism.

We owe them our deepest gratitude,’

CIA Director Leon Panetta said.

Some CIA officials are angry at

being criticised by the White House

after Abdulmutallab, 23, was allowed

to slip through the security net and

board a US-bound flight in

Amsterdam despite evidence

he was a terror threat.





_______HELD: Umar Abdul Mutallab


The president complained that a

warning from the former London

engineering student’s father and

information about an al Qaeda bomb

plot involving a Nigerian were

not handled properly by

the intelligence networks.

But CIA officials say the data

was sent to the US National

Counterterrorism Centre in


which was set up after the 9/11

attacks as a clearing house where

raw data should be analysed.

Agents claim that is where the

dots should have been connected

to help identify Abdulmutallab

as a threat.



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