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Obama “passing the buck” to the CIA for the latest White House security failure





it failed
to share

___December 30th, 2009




The CIA on Wednesday

rejected accusations that
it failed to share vital
information with other
US intelligence agencies
that might have helped
prevent last week’s
attempted plane
bomb attack.

The intelligence agency rejected

charges that it possessed,

but failed to disseminate,

information about Nigerian suspect

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

that might have led to his being

placed on a no-fly list.




_______HELD: Umar Abdul Mutallab


“We learned of

Abdulmutallab in November,

when his father came to the

US embassy in Nigeria and

sought help in finding him.

We did not have his

name before then,”

said CIA spokesman

Paul Gimigliano.




“Also in November,

we worked with the embassy

to ensure he was in the

government’s terrorist database —

including mention of his possible

extremist connections in Yemen,

the CIA spokesman said.

“We also forwarded key

biographical information

about him to the National

Counterterrorism Center


Gimigliano said,

referring to the government

office tasked with compiling

and integrating intelligence

from various US agencies.

“This agency,

like others in our government,

is reviewing all data to which

it had access —

not just what we ourselves

may have collected —

to determine if more could

have been done to stop


Gimigliano said.




Abdulmutallab allegedly

worked with Al-Qaeda in last

week’s bid to bomb the

Northwest Airlines Flight 253

en route to Detroit by igniting

explosives stitched

into his underwear.

His father reportedly

warned US officials in Africa

about his son’s extremist views,

but the information reportedly

was not disseminated throughout

the intelligence community,

and his son’s name was never

entered on a terror

suspect no-fly list.




A US intelligence official

told AFP that the interview

Abdulmutallab’s father had

with CIA officials in Africa

failed to yield any “smoking

gun piece of evidence,

that would have led to his

being placed on a no-fly list.


“had all the relevant information

that the US government knew

about Abdulmutallab prior to

his attempted attack,”

the intelligence official said.

“The suspect’s father provided

his son’s name and passport

number to the US embassy in

November and that information

was shared.

He also said his son might

have connections to extremists

in Yemen —

a fact that was relayed also,”

said the official,

who requested anonymity.

“I’m not aware of any

smoking gun piece of

intelligence —

somehow withheld —

that would have automatically

put Abdulmutallab on the

select or no-fly lists.”


Flight 253 Bomber (pic: CNN screengrab)


President Barack Obama

railed Tuesday against the

intelligence breakdown and

demanded an accounting this

week of how the US system failed.




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