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The United Nations of Global Fascism (Part TWO of THREE)





The Cuckoo’s
Nest Visits

By Mark W. Hendrickson

_____December 7th, 2009

American Thinker


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___Part TWO of THREE

With cynical irony,
the U.N. extends the voting
privilege to regimes who would
never permit an honest democratic
vote in their own countries.

because the major obstacle to
global government is a strong,
sovereign United States,
U.N. delegates from illiberal
regimes routinely gang up to
vote against our interests.

Why would any American
want to strengthen the U.N.?

Some individuals crave the
unprecedented powers that a
worldwide government would have.

Others pathologically
hate liberal democracy,
free markets,
and limits on government power,
and so despise American sovereignty.

Most pro-U.N. Americans,
to give them the benefit of the doubt,
are idealists who believe that the
way to establish peace on earth
is to do away with nation-states.
No nation-states,
no wars, right?
Not so.

It amazes me that the same people
who loathe private-sector business
monopolies believe that a global
monopoly of governmental power
would be benign.

When Stalin consolidated hegemony
over the fifteen republics that
constituted the Soviet Union,
there was no more war
in the conventional sense,
but the Soviet Union remained
an exceedingly violent place.

The government warred
against its own people,
but the disarmed populace
couldn’t fight back.

The death toll was enormous.




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