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Healthcare lies by Democrat guys exposed





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by Ann Coulter

__December 23rd, 2009


Irritated at the bumps
on the road to the Democrats’
Thousand-Year Reich,
liberals are now claiming that
Republican Senator Tom Coburn
requested a prayer for the death of
Sen. Bob Byrd during the health
care debate last Saturday night.

Here is what Coburn
actually said:
“What the American people ought
to pray is that somebody can’t make
the vote tonight.
That’s what they ought to pray.”

After reporting Coburn’s remark,

The Washington Post’s
Dana Milbank added:
“It was difficult to escape the
conclusion that Coburn was
referring to the 92-year-old,
Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.V.).”

Contrary to Milbank’s claim,

I find it extremely easy to get
away from that conclusion.

In fact, I’m a regular Houdini
when it comes to that conclusion.

That conclusion couldn’t
hold me for a second.

There are a million ways a
senator could miss a vote,
other than by dying.

Ask Patrick Kennedy.

At 1 a.m. on a Sunday night
in the middle of a historic blizzard
in the nation’s capital,
I don’t think the first thing that
came to anyone’s mind was death.

More likely it was:
“Last call.”

Milbank was employing

the MSNBC motto,
“In Other Words,”
which provides the formula for
90 percent of the political
commentary on that network.

The MSNBC host
quotes a Republican,
then says
“in other words,”
translates the statement into
something that would be
stupid to say,
and spends the next 10 minutes
ridiculing the translated version.

Which no one said.
Except the host.

Also, by the way,
Sen. Coburn did not
“go to the Senate floor
to propose a prayer,”
as Milbank reported.

He was giving a floor speech
in which he used the turn
of phrase,
“What the American people
ought to pray is …”

Inasmuch as liberals want to

talk about anything but their
plan to take over one-sixth of
the American economy,
let’s talk about health care!

Democrats tout Medicare as

their model for a government-run
health care system,
bragging about what an extremely
popular government program it is.

Medicare is tens of

trillions of dollars in the red.

It is expected to go
bankrupt by 2017.

In order to pay for Medicare alone,
the government will either have
to cut every other federal program
in existence, or raise federal
income taxes to rates as
high as 77 percent.

Medicare is like a $500 hamburger:
I assume it’s good —
it had better be —
but no one would say,

Until 10 minutes ago,

the liberal argument for
national health care was that
it wasn’t fair that some people —
“the rich” —
have access to better
health care than others.
In liberals’ ideal world,
everyone lives in abject poverty
and stands in long lines,
but we all live in the same abject
poverty and stand in the same
long lines —
just like in their beloved
Soviet Union of recent memory!

(Except the commissars,
who get excellent health care,
maid service and no lines.)

Instead of being honest and

telling us that their plan is to
make health care worse
and more expensive —
but fairer! —
liberals have recently begun
claiming that providing universal
health care will actually
save money.

they went from wailing about
basic human needs being
“more important than bombs”
to claiming:
“Our plan will be cheaper!”


I didn’t make any notes to debate
the manifestly insane points.

But I’m pretty sure that extending
full medical benefits to 30 million
people who don’t currently
have them —
47 million once the federal
health commission rules that
illegal aliens are covered —
will not be less expensive
than the current system.

You can say —
mistakenly —
that the liberals’ plan
is more compassionate.

You can say —
also incorrectly —
that it will be fairer.

On no set of facts can
you say it will be cheaper.
Democrats keep citing the
Congressional Budget Office’s
“scoring” of their bills as
if that means something.

The CBO is required to score

a bill based on the assumptions
provided by the bill’s authors.

It’s worth about as much as
a report card filled out by
the student himself.

Democrats could
write a bill saying:
“Assume we invent a magic pill
that will make cars get 1,000
miles per gallon.
would that save money?”

The CBO would

have to conclude:
Yes, that bill will save money.

Among the tricks the Democrats

put into their health care bills
for the CBO is that the government
will collect taxes for 10 years,
but only pay out benefits
for the last six years.

Will that save money?
the CBO says,
this bill is “deficit neutral”!

But what about the next 10 years

and the next 10 years and the
next 10 years after that?

Will the health care plan
continually pay benefits only
in the last six years of
every 10-year period?

I think their plan assumes
we’ll all be dead from global
warming in a decade.

Also, I note that the Democrats

claim it’s urgent that we pass
ObamaCare by Christmas,
but the bill doesn’t get around
to paying out any benefits
until 2014.

Poor uninsured chumps.

In other words

Democrats are praying
for the death of Bob Byrd!














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