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Josh Brolin caught on camera making out with Megan Fox on the ‘Jonah Hex’ set!




Josh Brolin’s

‘Megan Fox


on wife

___December 14th, 2009


‘Megan Fox revenge’

Josh Brolin has revealed

that he made the most of

his love scenes with

Megan Fox during shooting

for ‘Jonah Hex’ because he

wanted to make his actress

wife Diane Lane envious.


___________DIANE LANE




The actor plays the role of

a disfigured bounty hunter

Hex in the Western, a big

screen adaptation of the

popular comic books,

with Fox as his love interest.


___________JONAH HEX


josh jonah 2 01jun09


And he admitted he jumped

at the opportunity to make

his wife jealous because she

has enjoyed romancing actors

like Richard Gere,

Viggo Mortensen and French
actor Olivier Martinez

on-screen over the years.
“I made out

with Megan Fox,

which was nice,”

the Daily Star quoted
him as saying.
He added:

“Everybody says it’s
very uncomfortable

doing love scenes.”

“My wife has done a few

movies with a couple

of love scenes,

maybe this was maybe

a revenge of mine,

of some sort.”

“If you look at it

from that perspective,

it”s kind of like

the ultimate revenge.”

“Megan Fox is the

ultimate revenge,

you hear what

I’m saying?”

______________MEGAN FOX

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