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ClimateGate: Global Warming/Climate Change zealots bully non-worshippers into submission! (Part ONE of TWO)



By Christopher Chantrill

____December 8th, 2009

American Thinker




The biggest thing to take a pounding
in the last two weeks of Climategate
is the fantasy PR image that scientists
have maintained for so long.

Of course scientists fake results.

Of course they bully other scientists.

Of course they toady up to politicians.

Of course they try to get people
who disagree with them fired.

Of course they threaten journalists
with the “Big Cutoff.”

What do you think they are?
Monks or something?

The only surprising thing is that
they kept people fooled for so long.

On second thought,
it’s not surprising.

Given what scientists dangle in
front of us as they ask for money
a world without suffering,
a world without physical labor,
maybe even to know the inner
secrets of the universe and
the mind of God —
why wouldn’t we believe in them?

But there ain’t no such thing
as an impartial scientist.

Ain’t no such thing
as settled science.

In the first place,
as Thomas Kuhn related in
The Structure of Scientific
science is a social endeavor.

Here is one plausible explanation
of the scientific process:

One reason science is social
is that it is a difficult task to
create a plausible and
satisfying scientific culture,
and therefore any science…
is usually the product of
many contributors.

For this reason sciences
are most effectively sustained
by dedicated specialists.

The second reason that
sciences are social is that
the universal problem of
science is confidence —
the need to convince people
that its teachings are true
and that its practices
are effective.

that last paragraph was taken
from a study of religion:
For the Glory of God:
How monotheism led to reformations,
science, witch-hunts and the end
of slavery by Rodney Stark.

(For “science,”
substitute “religion.”)

In the second place,
scientists are completely
in bed with government.
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