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ClimateGate: Melting lies with red hot truth!



Do Smoking

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By Ann Coulter

December 2nd, 2009


As we now know

(and by “we” I mean

“everyone with access

to the Internet”),

the University of East

Anglia’s Climatic Research

Unit (CRU) has just been

caught ferociously

manipulating the data

about the Earth’s


Recently leaked e-mails from the
“scientists” at CRU show that,

when talking among themselves,
they forthrightly admit to using
a “trick” to “hide the decline”
in the Earth’s temperature
since 1960 —
as one e-mail says.

Still another describes their
manipulation of the data thus:
“[W]e can have a proper result,
but only by including
a load of garbage!”

Am I just crazy from the heat

or were they trying to deceive us?

Global warming


in the media were

quick to defend

the scandalous e-mails,

explaining that,

among scientists,

the words “trick,”

“hide the decline”

and “garbage”

do not mean “trick,”

“hide the decline”

and “garbage.”

These words actually mean

“onion soup,”

“sexual submissive”

and “Gary, Ind.”

it must be great to be able
to redefine words right in
the middle of a debate.)


of course,
the defenders said that the words
needed to be placed “in context” —
the words’ check was in the mail,
and they’d like to spend more
time with their families.

I have placed the words in
context and it turns out what
they mean is:

gigantic academic fraud.

The leaked e-mail exchanges also

show the vaunted “scientists”
engaging in a possibly criminal
effort to delete their own smoking-gun
e-mails in response to a Freedom
of Information request.

the fanatics will be telling us that
“among scientists,” this behavior
does not indicate knowledge of guilt.

If I recall correctly,

their next move should be to fire
the special prosecutor late
Saturday night.

These e-mails aren’t

a tempest in a teapot.

They are evidence of pervasive
fraud by a massively influential
institution that has dominated
news coverage of global warming.

CRU was regularly cited as

the leading authority on
“global climate analysis” —
including by the very news
outlets that are burying
the current scandal,
such as The New York Times
and The Washington Post.

The CRU alone received more
than $23 million in taxpayer funds
for its work on global warming.

Having claimed to have collected
the most complete data on the
Earth’s temperature for the last
half century,
the CRU’s summary of that data
was used by the United Nations’
Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change for its 2007 report
demanding that we adopt a few
modest lifestyle changes,
such as abolishing modern technology,
reverting to hunter/gatherer status
and taxing ourselves into servitude.

But then last weekend —

in the middle of the
“Let’s Cook the Books!”
e-mail scandal —
the CRU said that all its data on
the Earth’s temperature since 1960
had been irretrievably “lost.”

(Although I suspect “overcooked”
might be a more apt term.)

The way this episode is unfolding,

the environmentalists may be
forced to drop their phantom threat
of global warming and go back
to the phantom threat
of global cooling.

Most disturbingly,

the CRU-affiliated “scientists”
were caught red-handed conspiring
to kill the careers and reputations
of scientists who dissented from
the religion of global warming.

Indignant that scientific journals
were publishing papers skeptical
of global warming,
the cult members plotted to get
editors ousted and the
publications discredited.

This sabotage of global warming

dissenters may be more galling
than their manipulation of the data.

Until now,
the global warming cult’s sole
argument has been to demand
that everyone shut up in response
to the “scientific consensus”
that human activity was
causing global warming.

That’s their idea of

a free and open debate.

It’s always the same thing

with primitive people —
voodoo practitioners,
rain dancers
and liberals.

In lieu of facts,
debate and a weighing of the evidence,
religious fanatics respond to all
counterarguments by invoking a
higher authority:
the witch doctor,
a “scientific consensus,”
“the Constitution” or
“historians are agreed.”

Liberals won’t tell us why

Congress passed a law outlawing
incandescent lightbulbs by 2014 —
a bill solemnly delivered to the
president in a Prius hybrid
(making it the slowest-moving
bill in U.S. history).

they tell us there’s a
“scientific consensus”
that we have to use fluorescent
lightbulbs or we’ll all die.

They won’t tell us why

Ten Commandments monuments
must be stripped from every
public space in America.

Instead, they tell us
“the Constitution” says so
(according to the high priests
who interpret it to mean things
the document doesn’t remotely say).

They won’t tell us what

Sen. Joe McCarthy lied about.

They say: Historians are
agreed that McCarthy was a liar.

(These are the same historians
who also stated as fact that “
few American Communists
were spies” —
until decrypted Soviet cables
proved that the Communist Party
was awash with Soviet spies.)

This is precisely what liberals
accuse Christians of doing,
but which Christians never do.

We don’t cite the
Bible as authority —
and then refuse to let
anyone read it.
We certainly don’t
claim to have “lost” it,
so you can’t check for yourself.

But that’s exactly what the
CRU has done with its secret
data allegedly showing
a warming Earth.

biblical data on the
great flood and Noah’s ark
have held up remarkably well.
Penguins pictures

Even if the Earth were warming —

which apparently it is not —
the idea that humans using
energy-efficient lightbulbs would
alter the temperature of the globe
is approximately as plausible as
the Aztecs’ belief that they were
required to wrench the beating
heart out of living,
breathing humans in order
to keep the sun on its path.

Sadly, the

“human sacrifice deniers”
lost the argument to Aztec
CRU scientists,
who explained that there was a
“scientific consensus”
on the benefits of ritual murder.

But at least the Aztecs only

slaughtered tens of thousands
of humans in the name of
“climate change.”

The global warming cultists
want us all dead.





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