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Lady GaGa enlisted By Bono to fight AIDS


Lady Gaga
has joined forces
with Bono to help
combat AIDS
she’s designed her
own set of headphones
to raise funds for his
RED campaign,
WENN reports
December 2nd.

The U2 frontman launched
the product range in 2006,
previously working with rapper
Dr. Dre to make his own
set of earpieces.
who recently signed a deal
with sportswear company Nike
to create charity red shoelaces,
has now enlisted the Poker Face
hitmaker to help boost the scheme.
He says,
“This is a very big day
for everyone involved in
the fight against AIDS.
Nike is about winning,
and if we keep our concentration
over the next few years,
things might start
to turn around.”

“Lady Gaga is the latest
(RED) warrior to get involved.
You know Dr. Dre did
those Beats headphones,
the big ones,
you see people wearing
around their neck?”

Lady Gaga is launching her own
(RED) headphones and they are
the best sound money can buy.”

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