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Lady GaGa Falling Star!

hits the floor,
takes tumble
during first
on new
Monster Ball
By Olivia Smith

___December 1st, 2009

New York Daily News

J. Lo and Adam Lambert
at the American Music
Beyonce, as captured
on video –
and now to that distinguished
list of performers who have
famously wiped out on stage,
we can add
Lady Gaga.

Costume queen though she is,
her towering stilettos proved
too much even for her as she
kicked off her Monster’s Ball
tour in Montreal Friday
November 27.
.______________ © MR Photo/Corbis Outline

While executing a
choreographed dance
segment to her song
flanked by a cadre of
shirtless male dancers,
she loses her footing and
lands on her backside before
quickly getting up and
rejoining the number.

And that wasn’t the only
time she toppled over
during that show.

She actually fell three
times for lucky concertgoers.

“I’m like a drunk supermodel –
and I love it,”
she said, Perez Hilton
reported on his Web site.

The blogger added that
during her show in Toronto,
the following night,
she didn’t slip once.

Maybe those shoes just
needed a little breaking in –
or maybe even Lady Gaga
isn’t above a case of
opening night jitters.

Her tour comes to New
York’s Radio City Music Hall
for a 4-show stint
beginning January 20.

One Response to “Lady GaGa Falling Star!”

  1. haha!
    well im a huge fan of lady gaga …

    but i got tired of being tagged on
    facebook so i turned to rihanna ..

    after hearing that rihanna was just to boring
    i wanted somthing more exiting in my life again ..
    u rock ladygaga ❤

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