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Perez Hilton: True Bloggywood Stories tattle the tales on Hollywood!


Celebrity blogger

Perez Hilton

has risked the wrath of
Hollywood by taking aim at
Drew Barrymore in his new
tell-all book –
alleging the star’s sober
public image is a charade,
WENN reports
November 30th.
The Charlie’s Angels actress
endured a highly publicised
battle with drink and drugs
as a child star,
but kicked her addictions
with a stint in rehab in
the early 1990s.
Earlier this year Barrymore
insisted she doesn’t claim
to be sober,
but she’s found a “balance”
that works.
Now Hilton has targeted the
actress in his second tome
True Bloggywood Stories:
The Glamorous Life of Beating,
Cheating and Overdosing,
branding her a
“f**ked up mess.”
In the book,
Hilton admits he wasn’t
planning to mention Barrymore
until an incident at a concert
in Los Angeles changed
his mind.
He claims one of the
actress’ friends told him,
“Those that can’t do,
and he replied,
“You know,
you are right,
but at least I won’t t
ell anyone what a mess
(Drew) is…
And I didn’t.
Until now.”

“She was f**ked-up.
She’s always f**ked-up…
She is not the sober kitten
that the main public may
think she is.”
And Barrymore’s not the
only star who will be
fuming about the tome,
which is released
on Tuesday –
Hilton also blasts
Jennifer Lopez,
alleging she set up a
meal with her husband
Marc Anthony and tipped
off the paparazzi to
dispel rumours their
marriage was in trouble.
Hilton writes,
“(Photographers) had
received a call that
basically instructed them
where to be and what
time and what
to look for.”

The Perez Hilton Song
Sung to the tune of “Puttin’ On The Ritz.”
He’s the gossip encyclopedia,
Perez is The Queen Of All Media,
Perez gets –
All the website hits!
He has spies in all the right places,
Catching stars loose lips and red faces,
He gives fits,
Telling on their slips!
When Perez comes stars hide their faces,
They know he will tattle their disgraces,
He’s a Queen with Aces!
Those in the know all go to his website,
To see stars that just can not act right,
Perez whips,
All the hypocrites,
Shows their naughty bits,
Gettin’ all the hits!
by Rash Manly    22moon.com



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