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Lady GaGa Monster Mash!






puts on a



By Jane Stevenson

November 28th, 2009


Lady Gaga’s

Monster Ball Tour

touched down at the

Air Canada Centre

for a sold-out show

on Saturday night

but there was nothing

remotely frightening

about it.

It was only the second night of

the electro-pop-dance diva’s highly

anticipated North American tour,

which launched Friday night

in Montreal,

although her camp has been

refusing to provide press tickets

or allow photographers for the

first three dates of the tour –

including Ottawa on Sunday night –

perhaps in an attempt to let her

find her footing as

an arena headliner.




They needn’t have been so

protective as Lady Gaga came

across as a confident,


and campy performer.




Maybe you recall,

she was originally going to tour

with Kanye West but the roadtrip

was abruptly cancelled soon after

it was announced?

It’s hard to believe it was

just a short six months ago,

that the 23-year-old New Yorker

was playing a club show at

Kool Haus.

At the time,

she didn’t even have a band

and the biggest prop on stage

was a scooter.




Since then, she’s released a

follow-up to her 2008 blockbuster


The Fame,

which has spawned such

hits as Just Dance,

Love Game,

Poker Face,

and Paparazzi,

with The Fame Monster

which features eight new songs

including the breakout single,

Bad Romance.




On Saturday night,

Gaga‘s success was evident

with slick-looking videos,


elaborate costumes,


and yes, a band,

even if her stage was sometimes

left dark as she left to make

numerous changes.

The Lady herself first appeared

behind a green laser lit video

screen in a futuristic silver

jewelled jumpsuit,

with matching eye makeup,

singing the new song

Dance In The Dark from

The Fame Monster,

while dancers dressed in white

balaclavas and white jumpsuits

moved around her.




But it wasn’t until she strapped

on a portable silver jewelled

keyboard for the next song,

Just Dance,

while inside a white cube,

from which she emerged

from the top,

and the video screen came up,

that the show really came alive.

“How ya doing Toronto?”

she said.

“What’s up little monsters?

“Don’t you all look amazing,”

she added later.

“Has anybody passed out yet?

Don’t pass out.

It distracts me.

It makes me nervous.

Are you drunk?

Are you with your mom?”




After a brief video intermission,

Lady Gaga returned with an

even more elaborate off-white

costume that was a cross between

the Alien ecto-skeleton,

and a human one.

“I love it when you put

your claws up for me”

said Lady Gaga as she launched

into crowd favourite, Love Game,

which includes the now famous

line “I want to take a ride

on your disco stick.”

“Welcome to the Monster Ball,”

she said afterwards.

“How you guys doing tonight?

I’ve missed you all so much.

Did you miss me?

Whenever I’m away from

Canada for too long, I feel ….”

The last word of that sentence

was intelligible as she motioned

towards her crotch.





Lady Gaga is a sexually-charged

performer with a major nod

to Madonna,

to whom she is

most often compared,

and physically resembles

in a live setting.

As she got out of her

ecto-skeleton outfit,

she grabbed her breasts and

stripped down to a silver

bodysuit for another

Fame Monster song,


which saw her being carried

by her crotch by one of her

male dancers and lowered onto

another male dancer.

Later in the show,

she declared:

“Everytime you scream my name,

I get a teeny, tiny, mini-orgasm.”

And she made a point of spreading

her legs while stradling a white

dentist chair during Paper Gangsta.

More eye-catching costumes

game in the form of a black

feathered jacket for the new

song Monster,

with dance moves reminscent

of Michael Jackson,

and, and a gold Cleopatra-like

crown and matching body suit

for Fashion and

The Fame.

She also wore bondage-inspired

black leather gear for

Boys Boys Boys and donned

multiple blond braid extensions,

a la Rapunzel,

for Paparazzi.




But the emotional high point

was when Lady Gaga went to

her piano and belted out another

new song,


which she wrote for her father

who underwent heart surgery

recently and was in the

audience on Saturday night.

“About a month ago,

I thought I was going to have

to quit music because of my

Dad but now I don’t have to,”

said Gaga with tears streaming

down her face.

“C’mon sing along with me.

I don’t know if I’m going to

get all the words out.

’cause you guys are so amazing.

I’m just going to sit here and

cry for the rest of the show.”




Lady Gaga stayed at

the piano for Poker Face,

claiming she was still finding

bits of whiskey bottles she had

smashed on the keys during

her recent American Music

Awards performance,

and balanced on her piano

stool while standing up,

shaking her behind and

holding one leg in the air.

Opener Kid Cudi even joined

her mid-song to perform his hit,

Make Her Say,

which samples Poker Face,

and the song was repeated

again later in the show with

full band accompaniment.

But everyone seemed to be

waiting for the show closer,

Bad Romance,

and Gaga didn’t disappoint in

an ’80s-inspired white power

suit with exaggerated high

shoulders and high

waisted pants.






Dance In The Dark

Just Dance

Love Game



So Happy I Could Die



Poker Face (on piano)


The Fame

Money Honey

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Boys Boys Boys

Paper Gangsta

Poker Face (with band)


Eh, Eh

(Nothing Else I Can Say)

Bad Romance




Lady Gaga performs on stage at the Vector Arena on May 16, 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand.  (Photo by Hannah Johnston/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Lady Gaga




Photo from Lady GaGa

_Monster Ball concert

Canada November 28th.

Photo by Stephen Fernandez /
________Splash News





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