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ClimateGate coverup heating up!


The Whitewash

By James Delingpole

November 27th, 2009



Breaking news from the
splendid Bishop Hill.

It seems the AGW establishment
has launched an urgent damage
limitation exercise in order to
whitewash the Climategate scandal
in time for Copenhagen.

Here’s the
(so far unconfirmed) story:

1) Lord Rees (Royal Society)
to be asked by UEA to
investigate CRU leak.

2) Foreign Office and
government leaning heavily
on UEA to keep a lid on
everything lest it
destabilises Copenhagen.

3) CRU asked to prepare
data for a pre-emptive release
in past couple of days but
trouble reconciling issues
between data bases has
stopped this.

The appointment of Lord Rees,
if confirmed,
is especially worrying.

It’s the rough equivalent of
appointing King Herod’s grand
vizier to investigate a mysterious
outbreak of mass baby killing
in Judaea.

Lord Rees –
formerly Sir Martin Rees,
the Astronomer Royal –
is very much of the catastrophist
mindset which helped launch the
whole AGW scare in the first place.

Five years ago,
he declared:
“I think the odds
are no better than
50/50 that our present
civilisation will survive
to the end of the
present century.”

he has previously suggested
that there might be certain
areas where frank and open
scientific enquiry is
not a good idea.

“He asks whether
scientists should withhold
findings which could
potentially be used for
destructive purposes,
or if there should be
a moratorium, voluntary
or otherwise,
on certain types of
scientific research,
most notably genetics
and biotechnology.”

he is president of an institution –
which has persistently used its
distinguished name
(founded 1660);
and supposed unimpeachable
scientific authority to push
AGW theory.

Here is the
Royal Society’s
on the subject,
brought out in the aftermath
of the Climategate scandal.

The UK is at the
forefront of tackling
dangerous climate change,
underpinned by world
class scientific expertise
and advice.

Crucial decisions will be
taken soon in Copenhagen
about limiting and reducing
the impacts of climate change
now and in the future.

Climate scientists from the
UK and across the world are
in overwhelming agreement
about the evidence of
climate change,
driven by the human input
of greenhouse gases into
the atmosphere.

As three of the UK’s leading
scientific organisations
involving most of the UK
scientists working on
climate change,
we cannot emphasise enough
the body of scientific evidence
that underpins the call
for action now,
and we reinforce our
commitment to ensuring
that world leaders continue
to have access to the best
possible science.

We believe this will be
essential to inform sound
decision-making on policies
to mitigate and adapt to
climate change up to
Copenhagen and beyond.

I’m sure that Lord Rees will
strive to be as scrupulously
unbiased as he is possibly

But with a history
like this behind him,
I can’t say I am
terribly reassured.

More on Lord Rees’s
resolutely neutral position
on AGW –
as posted on
the Bishop Hill blog.

Interview with Lord Rees:
“What one single thing
convinces you most that
climate change is
taking place?

The main reason for
concern is that the carbon
dioxide level is rising by
0.5 per cent a year and
is now at a level that it
has not been at for the last
half a million years.

I think if we knew
nothing else than that,
there would still be great
reason for concern.

What is the most
important thing you
are personally doing
on climate change?

I am becoming more
and more conscious of
the need to avoid waste.

I use a small economical car,
for instance.

If you were the
Prime Minister,
what one thing would
you do about climate change?

I think Tony Blair has
already played an important
role leading the G8 nations
on the climate change issue.

I think he was right to do
this and the issue is now
high on the international

The recently published
Stern Review on the
Economics of Climate Change
will have an impact
internationally as well as
help the G8 nations move
further on this subject.

Do you agree with the
Bishop of London that
“making selfish choices
such as flying on holiday or
buying a large car are a
symptom of sin”?

Bishops are experts in
defining sins and I am not,
but one change that may
happen and I hope will happen
over the next few years is
that it will become socially
unacceptable to be
conspicuously wasteful.

There’s so much noise
about climate change,
are people in danger
of becoming complacent?

It’s a difficult issue for
the public because the
downside is very long-term
and is international,
unlike pollution for instance,
which people are concerned
about because it affects
their localities.

The effects of carbon
dioxide emissions are
worldwide rather than
local and the most
severe effects will be
far in the future. “


He’s going to come down
hard on those CRU scientists
all right.

Just the man for the job!


James Delingpole is a writer,

journalist and broadcaster

who is right about


He is the author of numerous

fantastically entertaining

books including

Welcome To Obamaland:

I’ve Seen Your Future And

It Doesn’t Work,

How To Be Right,

and the Coward series of

WWII adventure novels.

His website is http://www.jamesdelingpole.com



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________The Errors In
_______Al Gore’s Movie

______by Lord Monckton

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__________Lord Monckton                Al Gore






3 Responses to “ClimateGate coverup heating up!”

  1. Good article,
    but I think there’s a lot more to this ClimateGate picture.

    This small (2 to 3 dozen) cabal of climate scientists
    could not have possibly gotten to this point without
    extraordinary funding,
    political support at virtually all levels of government,
    especially at the national level and unparalleled
    cooperation from the national and world media.

    This wide-spread networked support continues
    even as we the people puzzle over what this is all about.

    I ask you,
    “What are you seeing and hearing from our
    national media on the subject?”

    What are you seeing and hearing from
    all levels of our government,
    local and regional newspapers and media outlets?

    Anything of substance?

    At all of these levels the chatter has remained
    remarkably quiet on the subject,
    wouldn’t you say?


    What points and positions are you
    beginning to hear on the radio and
    see on the television?

    This cabal of scientists has an unprecedented
    level of support given the revelations contained
    in the emails,
    documented in the computer software
    code and elaborated in the associated
    programmer remarks (REM) within the code.

    And —- this has gone on for years,
    AND continues even in the presence
    of the most damning evidence one could imagine,
    or even hope for.

    Watergate pales in comparison,
    given the trillions of dollars in carbon offset taxes,
    cap & trade fees hanging in the balance
    and the unimaginable political control over people’s
    lives this all implies.

  2. Well said, John,
    very well said.

    The mainstream media is in on this,
    so many people,
    this makes WaterGate dwarf in comparison.

    All we can do is keep telling the truth.

    I am sick of the lies,
    sick of the fraud,
    and sick of the cover up.

    Thank you for stating the truth John and
    Thank you for reading 22MOON!

    Enter GLOBAL WARMING in the Moon search box
    for dozens upon dozens of stories exposing
    the Climate Change myth.


  3. plants need CU2 for photosynthesis! Save the rainforests and the “problem” disappears88

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