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Progressive (Liberal) fascism is still fascism!



by Christopher

November 17th, 2009

American Thinker


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When a white redneck
American blew up the
Murrah Federal Building
in Oklahoma City in 1995,
President Clinton blamed
right-wing talk radio.


But when a Muslim-American
blew away thirteen American
citizens at Fort Hood in 2009,
the president was careful
not to rush to judgment,
and the mainstream media
medicalized the suspect’s
motive into pre- or
stress syndrome.

This is a serious problem,
and I think the conclusion in

Our liberal friends are turning
us into a nation of cowards on
the terrorism issue.

As we know from our liberal
friends’ constant badgering,
there is scarcely anything worse
than dividing the world into
“Us” and “Them.”

It’s a matter of inclusion.

Only if you have learned to
be extremely inclusive do you
go the head of the class and
call yourself tolerant
and compassionate.

Liberal Canadian
philosopher Charles Taylor in
Sources of the Self:

Perhaps the most urgent
and powerful cluster of
demands that we recognize
as moral concern the
respect for life,
and well-being,
even flourishing,
of others. …

Virtually everyone
feels these demands,
and they have been and
are acknowledged in all
human societies.

Of course,
the scope of the demand
notoriously varies:
earlier societies,
and some present ones,
restrict the class of
beneficiaries to members
of the tribe or race and
exclude outsiders,
who are fair game…

[For] most contemporaries
this class is coterminous
with the human race[.]

It is faith in this ideal that
makes our liberal friends
hesitate to brand the accused
killer of Fort Hood,
Maj. Hasan,
as an outsider,
an “Other.”

Once you brand someone
the “Other,”
he becomes a potential enemy.

Then it becomes possible to
go to war with that enemy,
and war,
as we all know,
is not the answer.

But our liberal friends did not
hesitate to blame Rush Limbaugh
for the Oklahoma City attack.

They did not hesitate to call
President Bush a liar and a
“selected, not elected” president.

They were on Sarah Palin’s
case within hours of her
nomination as Vice President
of the United States with
the vilest personal smears.

They have been quick to
play the race card against
President Obama’s critics.
For our liberal friends,
Maj. Hasan,
accused mass killer,
dwells within the boundary
of moral concern.

Rush Limbaugh,
President Bush,
and Sarah Palin do not.

like the president’s critics,
are the “Other.”

It’s easy to put bumper stickers
on the back of your Prius to “
Visualize World Peace”
and declare that
“War is Not the Answer.”

It is especially easy when
“they” are bombing the financial
district and shooting up a
military base,
and not the Upper West Side
or a yeasty Victorian
neighborhood in Berkeley.

But when things
get closer to home,
our liberal friends turn out
not to believe in peace and
pacifism after all.

Don’t expect much peace
visualization or respect for
your integrity when abortion
or gay marriage is on the agenda.
There is a reason why our
liberal friends have gotten
into this mess of hypocrisy:
the narrowness of
their liberal narrative.

Liberals exist to rescue those
excluded from the country
clubs of capitalism.

You see,
even though nobody would
ever want to belong to
a WASP country club,
the fact that the WASPs
don’t immediately invite
everyone to join is intolerable.

ever since the dawn of time,
dead white male bourgeois
capitalists and their running
dogs at Fox News and talk radio
have been excluding workers,
and gays from full
membership in society.

But fortunately,
there are kindly people,
once called liberals
and now progressives,
who are determined to bring
in an era of full inclusion for
these traditionally marginalized

Liberals propose gentle and
nuanced progressive legislation
to include the excluded groups
into the mainstream of society.

The problem with this
philosophy sits right at
the heart of it.

Government is force.

Politics is conflict.

President Obama’s program
of progressive health care
is a program of force.

Most Americans will be forced
to buy government-approved
health insurance or face a
criminal penalty.

To create support
for the program,
Obama and his supporters
demonize the opponents of
the program as greedy insurance
companies or greedy
drug companies.

In other words,
they divide the world
into “Us” and “Them.”
If you don’t support
the president,
you are the “Other.”

Liberals can’t really believe
in inclusion when they believe
that government is the answer
and politics is the way.

When you believe that
government is the way,
then you need Fox News,
talk radio,
George W. Bush,
and Sarah Palin
to play the “Other.”

Sometimes the “Other”
is Rush Limbaugh,
the leader of the
Republican Party.

At other times,
the “Other” is Rush Limbaugh,
a mere entertainer.

Of course,
conservatives can be
shockingly divisive too.

In particular,
conservatives feel that the
U.S. government should use
force when necessary upon
declared enemies foreign
and domestic,
and exclude them from inclusion
in the last best hope of
man on earth.

is a frequent contributor to
American Thinker.

See his
His Road to the Middle Class
is forthcoming.



__R.F.R. – Rule 12:

“Pick the target,

freeze it,

personalize it

and polarize it.

Cut off the support

network and isolate

the target from


Go after people

and not institutions;

people hurt faster

than institutions.

(This is cruel,

but very effective.




and ridicule





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