You can see the whole Earth from the Moon!

Mainstream Media still refusing to report on “ClimateGate”!















The wimp propaganda
pushing Mainstream Media
is still ignoring the
“ClimateGate” story.

Keep ignoring the facts
that you do not agree with,
Mainstream Media,
keep proving to everyone
that you can not be trusted.

Why is the Mainstream Media
hiding from the “ClimateGate”

Do you so called reporters
and editors think everyone
is stupid?

Of course
you do!

Keep ignoring the
elephant in the room,
Mainstream Media.

Keep proving that you
have no journalistic ethics.

You are committing journalistic
suicide by ignoring the
“elephant in the room”.

Please continue
to do so.

Websites that try
to tell the truth …
(cough cough – 22MOON.COM)
and others will keep spreading
the facts that you refuse
to report.

Talk radio will keep
telling the truth.

People are sick and tired
of your propaganda pimping
Mainstream Media.

keep it up.

22MOON keeps getting
more and more hits,
thanks to your lies,
from me.

To quote Abe Lincoln,
“You can fool all of the
people some
of the time,
and you can fool some
of the people all
of the time,
but you can not fool
all of the people all
of the time.”

Don’t let the door
hit you in the behind
on the way out,
Mainstream Media!

___Rash Manly


More “ClimateGate” links!

2 Responses to “Mainstream Media still refusing to report on “ClimateGate”!”

  1. great job!!

    Our government is so corrupt it is unbelievable.



  2. Well said Nathan!!!

    America will prevail,
    these Commie Stinking
    Power Mongers will pay,
    they will lose,
    they are going down,
    say goodbye to your power,
    you crooked butt orifices!

    You have woke up
    the sleeping American Dragon,
    you idiots!

    The Constitution will live,
    America will survive this power grab.

    You corrupt Commies will be voted
    out of office,
    you corrupt mainstream media will
    lose your jobs,
    you Hollywood Lefties will notice
    no one wants to see your anti-USA
    movies anymore!

    I am mad as H E double hockey sticks
    and I am not going to take it anymore!!!

    Nathan is not going to take it anymore!

    Real Americans ARE NOT GOING

    Thank you for using the word
    for Washington I so dearly want
    to use in capital letters!!!

    If Washington wants to F*** America,
    at least they could have kissed us first!!!

    Their gang rape of the country is
    coming to an end and soon!


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