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Japan scientists expose ClimateGate! (Part FOUR of FOUR)





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By Andrew Orlowski

(Translation by

Charles Eicher)

February 25th, 2009


The Register (link)

_Part FOUR of FOUR




The limits of modeling

aerosols and clouds


The indirect effect of aerosols

and aerosol generation as the

greatest uncertainty is

becoming widely recognized,

but fundamental,

naturally spontaneous

(especially oceanic) aerosols

are not yet well understood.

Dimethyl sulfide (DMS: CH3SCH3)

of biological origin is thought to

be a primary source of sulphuric

aerosol formation over oceans,

but the process of cloud cores

forming from DMS is not

sufficiently understood.

According to recent

physical models,

the percentage of involvement

of cosmic ray ionization

processes is not well understood.


the types of aerosols and the

ways they affect climate

systems are not well understood.




The increasing number of aerosols,

in this case,

augments precipitation,

but if it increases too much,

water droplet diameter will

decrease and cloud generation

will be renewed,

and the albedo will

be changed significantly.


the fine-scale physical processes

of clouds causing feedback in

geological climate fluctuation

now clearly points at this as

a decisively material effect.


the discussion of the properties

and life span of aerosols in

clouds in the IPCC 4th

Evaluation Report is inadequate.





Predictability and

estimation rules


The 4th Evaluation Report

is confident of the reliability

of its assessment that previous

data does not differ from

its model.

But a more effectively persuasive

assessment of its predictive ability

has not come forth.

This is like the ancient Greek

Thales predicting solar eclipses,

future predictions should be

tested in practice.


by means of short metaphase

models and domain models,

future information feedback

can be isolated in hindcast


(reproducing the past

according to the model)

and quantitatively compared

to long term climate

predictions assessments.






Anthropogenic global

warming theory

still hypothetical


To summarize the discussion so far,

compared to accurately predicting

solar eclipses by celestial

mechanics theoretical models,

climate models are still in the

phase of reliance on trial and

error experiential models.

There are still no

successful precedents.

The significance of this

is that climate change

theory is still dominated

by anthropogenic

greenhouse gas causation;

the IPCC 4th Evaluation

Report’s conclusion that

from now on atmospheric

temperatures are likely

to continuously,

monotonously increase,

should be perceived as

an unprovable hypothesis;

it will be necessary investigate

further and to evaluate future

predictions as subject

to natural variability. ®




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