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“Major Terror” Hasan now renamed “Major Wimp”!







US Army



suspect may



November 24th, 2009

Belefast Telegraph


A US Army psychiatrist

accused of killing 13 people

in an attack on his Texas

base will probably plead

not guilty and may use

an insanity defence at his

military trial,

his lawyer said.

John Galligan,

the civilian lawyer for

Major Nidal Hasan,

said he was considering

an insanity defence

among other options.

“Based on the

evidence thus far,

his mental status

must be raised,”

Mr Galligan said at his office

near the Fort Hood base,

about 130 miles south

west of Dallas.

“Anybody who allegedly

engages in conduct that

is completely contradictory

to his lifestyle and military

career –

an insanity defence

has to be considered.”




Hasan is charged with 13

counts of premeditated

murder in the November 5

shooting at Fort Hood,

and military officials have

said they may file

more charges.

More than two dozen

others were wounded in

the shooting spree,

which happened at a

building where soldiers

finalise their wills and are

medically screened before

they are deployed.

Mr Galligan said military law

required his client to plead

not guilty if prosecutors

sought the death penalty,

but said that decision had

not been made.

Hasan remains in intensive

care at a San Antonio military


where he was taken after

being shot during the attack.

At a hearing in his

hospital room on Saturday,

Hasan was ordered to

remain in custody

until trial.








The media must bend over

backwards to be

politically correct,

so allow me (Rash Manly)

to translate this story

using RashSpeak.





Major Nidal Malik Hasan,

known in RashSpeak as

“Major Terror”.

is a Major Wimp.

This cry baby wanted to

play bad boy terrorist,

so he takes two handguns

and goes somewhere to

shoot people that he

knows will be unarmed.

Among his victims was a

pregnant woman who died,

but that fact is too awful

for the regular media

to tell you about.

So this whiny wimp

chicken dropping Hason

is too scared to be

shipped overseas,

so he murders a bunch

of people,

hoping to get killed

and be a hero to his

terrorist buddies.




Now the big baby wakes

up in a hospital bed,

and rather than

man up and say,

“Yes, I am a terrorist”

and relax in a jail cell

for decades watching TV

and getting three square

meals a day –

he wimps out again

and is going to say,

“I’m insane in the brain!”

He is a headshrinker,

he knows how to fake

the symptoms.

How this man-baby

became a Major in

the U.S. Army is

no mystery.

The Army has to have

“Cultural Diversity” and

“Political Correctness”

and Hason’s bosses

were more worried about

getting their next

promotion than about

using common


(Given their Commander-

In-Chief is Obama,

no wonder.)

So in conclusion,

this “Major Wimp”

Hason will get a

cushy rubber room

for the rest of his life,

and a mint on his

pillow each evening,

lest he cry –

“Cultural Insensitivity!”

and hold his breath

until he turns blue.

Excuse my “rash”






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