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Dave Letterman kicked out of his mansion by his wife!


David Letterman has
moved out of the family
house because his wife
Regina is still upset
at him,
Michael Glynn reports
for the November
23rd issue of
The National Enquirer.
Instead of quoting from
the Enquirer story,
allow me to translate what is happening in Letterman Land
using RashSpeak.
Aging horndog Hotpants
Letterman is booted out
of his mansion because his wife does not
trust him,
shock shock.
She may even be afraid
of catching Cooties or
something worse from
“Hot To Trot” Dave.
The Liberal Left media
has given the horny Dave
a free pass for his multiple transgressions and disrespect of women
because Lefty Letterman
toes the Liberal Party
CBS has given
Dirty David
a get Out Of Jail Free
card because he makes the network money.
But Regina Letterman
knows that when a husband makes one
or two or 800
sexual mistakes that
perhaps he can not
be trusted,
go figure.
If Dave’s right hand
fell asleep he would
cheat on himself using
his left, Hello!
Dave would have sex
with a stack of donuts.
(Beware the snack table
on the Letterman set,
by the way.)
So now Dip Stick Dave
is living in a luxury loft
in Lower Manhattan.
(If the loft is rocking,
don’t come knocking.)
And that is
the torrid tale,
told to you in
(I may never eat a
glazed donut again…
ooooooo YUK!)

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