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Sadie Frost microwave hot actress/fashion designer fotos!


Actress Sadie Frost
is set to lift the lid
on her marriage to
Jude Law
she’s preparing
to release an
WENN reports
November 20th.


The star has signed a deal
with London publisher John
Blake for the worldwide
release of her book,
which will be created with
the help of a ghost-writer.
who divorced Law in 2003,
will reportedly reveal
“all the gossip” from her
colourful life,
including her relationship
with the Hollywood hunk,
as well as her first husband,
Spandau Ballet star
Gary Kemp.
The fashion designer
is also expected to divulge
secrets from her longtime
friendship with supermodel
Kate Moss.
Publisher Blake tells
The Bookseller.com,
“You couldn’t wish for
more in an autobiography.
We aren’t sure of the finer
details but we expect it to
contain pretty much

The thing about Sadie
is she has a very good
sense of humour and is
very self-deprecating,
so she is prepared to
send herself up.

We were thrilled
to be offered it.”

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